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1.000 hidden Mayan settlements discovered in Guatemala

A huge discovery was made thanks to the modern of (Light Detection and Ranging). Covering from the air a vast area of ​​1.683 square kilometers in the forests of Guatemala, scientists discovered 1.000 new settlements of which date from 1.000 BC. to 250 BC

, Ανακαλύφθηκαν 1.000 κρυμμένοι οικισμοί των Μάγια στη Γουατεμάλα,

The settlements are quite close to each other, while proving how early these Mesoamerican regions were inhabited. The findings include buildings that were used as houses, religious and ritual centers, sports fields, as well as a wide network of roads that connected many of them together.

Many of these settlements show one /social/geographical relationship between nearby settlements, which resulted in the formation of at least 417 ancient towns and villages with distinct borders.

, Ανακαλύφθηκαν 1.000 κρυμμένοι οικισμοί των Μάγια στη Γουατεμάλα,

The connections observed between the inhabited areas show that they were part of a state/kingdom, in the sense that they shared common ideologies and politics. According to the researchers, it took quite a bit of skill to construct these buildings.

Her size s for the construction of these vast platforms, palaces, dams, roads and pyramids, leads to the conclusion of an authority which organized thousands of workers and experts.

, Ανακαλύφθηκαν 1.000 κρυμμένοι οικισμοί των Μάγια στη Γουατεμάλα,

Drainage and water collection systems were also found, directing water between settlements in times of drought or flood.

With the help of LIDAR, scientists were able to see below the dense forest and soon their excavations will bring to light extremely interesting findings.

The research was published in Ancient Mesoamerica.

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