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Kiyosaki's 'Use' for Bitcoin: It Will Soar to $100.000 Soon

Kiyosaki believes that the είναι η μόνη αξιόλογη επένδυση στο χώρο των currencies

the reasons why “loves” Bitcoin personal finance guru and multi-millionaire explains, Robert Kiyosaki, emphasizing that it is the people's money and is not controlled by the Fed nor by the government.
Kiyosaki recently expressed his admiration for Bitcoin (BTC) and praised its ability to stand the test of time.
According to Kiyosaki, Bitcoin's success can be attributed to its decentralized nature as well it is driven by the people and not the Fed or the US government for support.
Σε ένα tweet της ς (21/4/2023), ο Kiyosaki δήλωσε ότι watched BTC climb to $20.000 and then lose almost all of its value when it fell below $4.000 several years ago. The author noted that he bought more of the cryptocurrency when it climbed to $6.000.


As a strong advocate of financial education, Kiyosaki stressed the importance of understanding the potential of Bitcoin and its role in the future of the economy.

Recommendation for Bitcoin, Gold and Silver

The investor sees BTC, gold and silver through the same lens and continues to encourage people to get more in preparation for the impending market crash in the US dollar. As CryptoPotato recently reported, Kiyosaki plans to increase his exposure to the digital asset and precious metals because the Fed, the US Treasury and the US president, , they are "liars".

It will reach $100.000.

It is worth noting that Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin is the only worthwhile investment in the cryptocurrency space, as it is recognized as a commodity, unlike most altcoins that are considered securities.
Meanwhile, the author sees BTC trading at $100.000 soon. In February he predicted that by 2025, the top cryptocurrency will be worth $500.000, while gold and silver will trade at $5.000 and $500 respectively.