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The FTX exchange is looking forward to a "resurrection".

FTX has benefited from the recent rise in cryptocurrency prices…

The FTX, το ανταλλακτήριο κρυπτονομισμάτων που κατέρρευσε τον Νοέμβριο , κατάφερε να ανακτήσει 7,3 dollars cash and liquid assets of cryptocurrency, announced the law firm that has undertaken to represent it in its bankruptcy petition in a US court in Delaware.
According to Reuters, this amount represents an increase of 800 million dollars in relation to the capital levels it had managed to recover in January 2023.
Ο του FTX Andy Dietderich stated that the exchange is starting to think about them his future prospects after months of effort devoted to gathering resources and finding out what went wrong under the leadership of the accused πρώην ιδρυτή του .
Bankman-Fried himself pleads not guilty.
"The situation has stabilized and the fire is out," Dietderich said.
FTX has benefited from the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices, Dietderich added.
His total recovery is valued at $6,2 billion based on cryptocurrency price movement since November 2022 – όταν κήρυξε πτώχευση αφού οι traders απέσυραν 6 δισεκατομμύρια δολάρια από την πλατφόρμα σε τρεις ημέρες και το ανταγωνιστικό ανταλλακτήριο αρνήθηκε μια συμφωνία διάσωσης – έως και .

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