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Monday, June 24, 2024
Homemobile phonesSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: New Details and New Camera Design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: New Details and New Camera Design

Η Samsung προετοιμάζεται για την παρουσίαση του νέου της αναδιπλούμενου τηλεφώνου, του , and tech enthusiasts are looking forward to the improvements and innovations it will bring. According to famous leakster Ice Universe, the new model will have a smaller bezel on the internal display and a redesigned camera island. Let's take a closer look at what we know so far.

Smaller Screen Aspect Ratio

One of Samsung's most significant improvements is the least visible aspect of the internal display. This improvement is likely due to the use of a thicker Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). The latest reports indicate that the UTG will now be 50μm, up from the 30μm used in the previous model. This change will make the crease less pronounced, offering a better visual and tactile experience.

the same goes for the Galaxy Z Flip6, which is also expected to have a smaller bezel. Although the hinge design will remain the same as last year, significant improvements are expected in the next model, the Z Flip7.

New Camera Design

Η Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 will feature a new design. According to Ice Universe, the lenses will be surrounded by a ring with a grooved texture, unlike the Z Fold5 which simply had a small metal ring. This change adds a sense of luxury and better quality to the new model.

Although the Z Fold6's cameras appear to remain the same as the Z Fold5's, the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra is expected to bring significant upgrades, such as the 2MP ISOCELL HP200 sensor, which is also used in the Ultra and S24 Ultra.

Slimmer and Lighter Body

One of the main challenges for Samsung was reducing the weight and thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold6. According to information, the new model will be significantly thinner and lighter, but without sacrificing durability and build quality. This reduction in weight and thickness may not leave room for a hinge redesign, but it will certainly provide a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.

Traffic and News Gadgets

Samsung is expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Z Flip6 and other new gadgets in early July. The wait is long and the expectations even higher as the company continues to lead the way in foldable devices.

With new screen and camera improvements, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 promises to deliver a superior user experience, confirming Samsung's commitment to innovation and quality. Stay tuned for more details and official announcements.

Marizas Dimitris
Marizas Dimitris
A dedicated fan of Samsung mobile phones, Dimitris has developed a special relationship with the company's products, appreciating the design, performance and innovation they offer. Writing and reading tech news from around the world.


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