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Friday, June 21, 2024
Homemobile phonesThe addition of AI technology in the new iOS 18 and the changes...

The addition of AI technology in the new iOS 18 and the changes in the iPhone 16 series

Upgrade to the iPhone 16 series with capacitive keys and AI technology in iOS 18

In September, Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone 16 series, bringing significant innovations in both hardware and software. According to her report economic daily, one of the most impressive changes is the replacement of mechanical keys with capacitive buttons, while AI technology will be integrated into iOS 18, making the new iPhone even smarter and more efficient.

Capacitive keys: The new era for the iPhone

The report economic daily reports that Apple has placed a huge order of capacitive keys from supplier Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE). The new keys will replace the traditional mechanical buttons on all models of the iPhone 16 series. In more detail, we expect:

  • New on/off button
  • New volume button
  • New action button
  • A completely new download button

The last shutter button may work as a shutter button for photos, but also as a record button for videos. In addition, this button could offer features such as zoom adjustment with a swipe and focus with a half-press.

How capacitive keys work

Capacitive keys differ from traditional mechanical keys in that they do not require physical pressure to operate. With the simple touch of your finger, the button activates and the device registers your command. Although the button does not physically move, tactile feedback will be provided through two Taptic Engines, creating a vibration every time one of the capacitive keys is pressed.

Apple planned to introduce this technology in the current iPhone 15 series, but faced technical problems that delayed the implementation of these plans. Now, replacing the mechanical keys on the new iPhone 16, iPhone 16 , iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max are part of “Project Bongo”.

Production and suppliers

Another major supplier to Apple, the flagship foundry SMIC of China, will deliver two SiPs for capacitive . Production is expected to take place en masse in the third quarter of the year.

Integration of AI technology in iOS 18

In addition to hardware upgrades, the new iOS 18 will incorporate advanced AI features, improving performance and user experience. AI capabilities will include smarter voice recognition, adaptive settings and improved security.


Apple continues to innovate and upgrade its products with the iPhone 16 series and iOS 18. The changes to the capacitive keys and the integration of AI technology are expected to offer a superior user experience, making the new more efficient and user-friendly. These developments show Apple's dedication to technological progress and offering the best possible products to its consumers.

Marizas Dimitris
Marizas Dimitris
A dedicated fan of Samsung mobile phones, Dimitris has developed a special relationship with the company's products, appreciating the design, performance and innovation they offer. Writing and reading tech news from around the world.


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