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Google Messages Loses Magic Compose, Adds New Unread Line

Google Messages has seen A flurry of new features started rolling out this week, but the app seems to have lost Magic Compose.

From , on many phones running the latest beta (20231031_01_RC00), we no longer see Magic Compose appear to the left of text fields in conversations. This is even as the “Magic Compose” toggle is still present in Settings > Suggestions. Toggling this switch on/off does nothing today.

This reset is more than likely a crash and could probably be fixed with a server-side update. Magic Compose with should still be a Possibility of workshops which Google has not released yet.

Meanwhile, we're seeing more of the new Google Account-based device pairing experience. It was only live on one of our devices when we first reported on the initial rollout, but availability has since expanded. Once you're connected to everything, the experience isn't drastically different from the QR approach in our brief usage.

Google Messages is also rolling out more widely than the updated one voice recording. However, it happens sporadically. In my case, I only have the new waveform icon in the lower right corner replacing the microphone. Others have the new UI that lets you skip holding down.

Finally, Messages got a new “Unread” line in chat this week, which better shows you what just came in.


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