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iPhone 15: Why Apple Doesn't 'Experiment' With Its Phones, And Neither Should You (Probably)

Apple's next iPhone 15 series will be released later this year, and it's safe to assume that no one is shocked to learn that the phones' designs will remain roughly identical to their predecessors.

Just like it was last time, and the time before. We all know the phrase "tried and tested".

Αλλά γιατί η Apple δεν κάνει κάτι γενναίο, και τολμώ να πω – πρωτότυπο; Είναι απλώς να το παίζετε ασφαλές; Γιατί η Apple δεν μοιάζει περισσότερο με Samsung – απελευθερώνοντας δροσερά και ασυνήθιστα τηλέφωνα όπως το επερχόμενο και Πάσο 5;

Because Apple is not like LG, which is… out of the market now, but one of the last things it did was a uniquely shaped dual-screen phone – the LG Wing.

Or maybe like Microsoft, which launched the dual screen … που δεν πουλάει και η τιμή του έχει πέσει σημαντικά;

Personally, I'm someone who loves smartphones that promise to do more than average – whether with bigger, foldable screens, dual screens, or just plain weird and fancy designs like, say, the Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. With its illuminated logo and pointless but fun extra screen on the back.

Phones like this are exciting. They help you break out of the mold and be different. Show everyone that you're different and prefer a device that can do more than barebones smartphone stuff.

And as someone who enjoys such phones, I buy them. Very. And try them so you don't have to.

Μέσα από τη διαδικασία της συνεχούς δοκιμής ασυνήθιστων smartphone, κατέληξα να καταλάβω το προφανές – γιατί η Apple πιθανότατα δεν θα φτιάξει ποτέ ένα iPhone ή iPhone διπλής οθόνης…

Majority rule

The world's most profitable smartphone company isn't worth over two trillion dollars by not playing it safe.

Apple's biggest cash cow is the iPhone, so trying anything too different with it, absolutely, that could potentially disappoint its users, and worse, tarnish the iPhone's good name of being reliable and user-friendly, it's a huge no-no.

Ενώ η Samsung ήταν σε θέση να αντέξει οικονομικά να ξεκινήσει ένα σε μια τόσο ημιτελή και μη δοκιμασμένη κατάσταση, που έσπασε στα χέρια των κριτικών, μερικές φορές αμέσως, η Apple είναι λίγο “πολύ αξιόπιστη” στη Δύση, για να επιχειρήσει κάτι τρελό σαν αυτό, και η αντίδραση εναντίον του θα ήταν σημαντικά μεγαλύτερη. Μιλάμε για αγωγές και ένα χτύπημα δημοσίων σχέσεων που θα παραμείνει για τις επόμενες δεκαετίες.

In fact, the majority of smartphone users are familiar with the general design of a slate phone, and for good reason – it's perfect. This is the form factor we'll probably always stick with, generally, as it's not complicated, but extremely simple, pocket-friendly, and easy to use.

And Apple knows this. In fact, Samsung knows this too, which is why mainstream Samsung phones are also playing it safe, even if the Korean giant could stand a bit more leniency by surprising its core fan base with a built-in stylus on its flagship phone.

As someone who has used every dual-screen and foldable phone out there, I have some insights to share

Folding phones, and especially the current Galaxy Z Fold 4, are incredible. This is still my favorite phone right now, and for a number of reasons, including its huge list of software features, its big, beautiful foldable screen, and its powerful stereo speakers.

But I didn't end up using it for long, because after a while it turns into a massive brick in your mind that you keep folding and unfolding all the time.

Just that extra step to be able to use your phone adds up over time and discourages me from sticking with it. Plus, it's thick and heavy, and as time goes on and the honeymoon period ends, the cons just start to outweigh the pros.

The same goes for dual-screen phones like the Surface Duo I'm currently using – I'm constantly having to fold and unfold it, not to mention dealing with lots and lots of software bugs. This is also discouraging, and not long after I've been pining for my boring iPhone.

Like you, I want to be able to snap a photo instantly if needed – just like anyone can, on a “normal” slate phone. You point and shoot.

But not on the Surface Duo – there's only one camera facing you, so by the time you unfold it and turn it around and then pray to all the Gods, the device figures out which screen I'm currently trying to use and turns it on, whatever shot I was hoping to get is gone.

Then again, there's a good reason everyone buys slate phones, and every company makes them, unlike anything else. Traditional form phones are extremely convenient, even if they're occasionally not as exciting as a dual-screen or flip phone. Or rollables, whenever they eventually arrive, and if.

At the end of the day, you want the ol' reliable

Imagine you've just bought a sports car and it's cool and exciting, but your bank account is now empty, the car can only be driven on very, very good roads, and it's pretty easy to scratch or break, not to mention have unusual butterfly doors that require manual opening, rather than being automated;

How long until you get back to your Volvo? The second you just need to go to the store and buy toilet paper, or you're moving and need to move some stuff in your car, you'll start wishing you were driving a "normal" one.

And yes, this metaphor is about smartphones.

I've been a little unhappy with Apple for not doing really crazy, cool things with their iPhones, but I finally understand the perfectly good reason for that. Apple is playing it safe by keeping the iPhone familiar and in the form that has proven to be most desirable to most of us pesky humans on Earth.

We don't really like change, even if we pretend we do. I know now.

In any case, over the past few years, it's become apparent that just because Apple isn't doing anything new with the iPhone anytime soon, that doesn't mean CEO Tim Cook is afraid to try new things. It just means that even when it's trying new things, the Cupertino company is playing it safe…

Apple has something else cool and rather experimental coming soon that isn't an iPhone

For years now, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been sharing his enthusiasm for augmented reality (AR). We've already seen what augmented reality can do from headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 or augmented reality glasses like the Nreal Air, and it's a very exciting and promising technology indeed.

By many accounts, Apple will soon unveil its own Apple AR/VR Headset, which will eventually morph into Apple AR shines down the line as the technology matures and shrinks in size.

Leaks claim that the aforementioned headset will be announced by Apple during WWDC 2023 on June 5th. Based on all the patents, reports, and previous leaks we've seen, this AR device has been quietly in the works for many years, and in Tim Cook's mind, it will ensure his legacy.

But what about the iPhone, then? In recent years it has continued to receive secure annual updates, and Apple even ditched the one model that was too “different” – the iPhone mini – in favor of a variant more suited to the masses – a larger iPhone 14 Plus.

So Apple has been playing it extremely safe on that front, as realistically any business should, while secretly pouring money into the research and development of the new technology that is AR.

The iPhone 15 might not offer anything crazy or new on its own, but paired with an AR headset, it could really help change the world.

So the iPhone 14 still has a role to play, despite not having radical redesigns or features.

It will continue to fund Apple's research into future technology, as it could be the first iPhone with support for pairing with AR headsets.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Apple's AR/VR headsets will have a bumpy launch. We'll find out soon enough.

But in the meantime – most people should probably stick with traditional slate phones, because let's face it – when it comes to convenience and reliability, this is the form factor that humanity has perfected and gotten used to, more than any other.

For anything beyond that – just stay tuned for augmented reality. It's coming strong, soon, and not just from Apple, but probably from all of its biggest competitors. And get hyped, because despite what it may look like, things are about to get very exciting!

And in the meantime, feel free to check out our dedicated AR / VR news and reviews page!

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