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How much money can one make from DogeCoin

The interest of large institutions to create ETFs based on the spot market Ethereum and the impressive rise in its price Solana are indications that one may be underway altcoin season. That is, a period where smaller coins not only rise, but outperform Bitcoin.

If this is indeed the case, if opportunities are found for large returns from cryptocurrencies, not necessarily because they represent some great project, one of the categories that traditionally increase "velocity" are meme coins.

Of course, placements in this category are not so much considered an investment as gambling. One may achieve spectacular gains, but the odds are not in their favor. That's why gamblers always lose in the long run.

Όταν βάζεις χρήματα σε νομίσματα τύπου , Shiba Inu, Pepe ή κάποιο άλλο… ζώο, είναι το ίδιο σαν να βάζεις χρήματα στο joker, το lottery or roulette. Although meme coins as high-risk options have an advantage over traditional gambling. They are more fun. We don't know if you will get money, but it is certain that you will win in emotions. You have fun on social media with others who have the same expectations as you.

This kind of thrill is never going to be felt by buying a lottery ticket or going to the casino. In no slot or no roulette in the world will you find millions of fanatical supporters of 7 or 14 creating "grandstand».

Especially in the period of the pandemic, meme coins had evolved into social phenomenon from novice investors who saw it as a game. As you were locked in the house, cut off from friends and acquaintances, one of the few outlets you had for entertainment was to buy some "shitcoin" that was fun.

Gambling bad, provided that you perceive him as such. Realize that this is not an investment. No one can rule out how you will win in the casino or the lottery or Pepe, but what are the chances that the influencer will inform you in time on or ; Or it's the correct information that your cousin's badass boyfriend "confided" on you, who knows a cleaning lady who works in his Tesla Musk?

If after all that we have mentioned, you are still interested in investing in this coin class, your search should start with the old time classic option, the Dogecoin. Elon Musk's favorite currency.

Since the beginning of the year the price of Doge has not done anything special, being only 12% up. Complete failure, to compare it for example with Bitcoin, which registers a rise +135% the same period.

Of course, if we start our calculations from April 2, 2019, the picture is completely different. Why then? Because then was the historic moment for Doge, when Elon Musk, responding to a tweet that wanted him first in the network's CEO preferences by the community, said it is by far his favorite cryptocurrency

The honor of the Doge at that time had 0,002 dollars. For the next year and a half there was no particular change in price. But it has always had a positive performance, if we exclude the collapse of crypto prices - and not only - in March 2020, at the height of concern about the evolution of the pandemic.

However, when the crypto rally really began towards the end of the year, when Bitcoin climbed from $10.000 to $65.000 within six months, Doge's value multiplied - hold on - 350 times! That is, if you had put in 100 "humble" euros, you would reach 35.000 euros, a small fortune.

Today, the then 100 euros would have become 4.000. How many stocks in the world multiplied their value by 40 times in 4 years?

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Πόσα χρήματα μπορεί να βγάλει κάποιος από το DogeCoin, Πόσα χρήματα μπορεί να βγάλει κάποιος από το DogeCoin,

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