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Softweb presented its new product for the Tourism industry

On Friday 10 November, during the Philoxenia International Tourism Expo, the official launch of the “Smart Tourist Card”, a ground-breaking initiative that brings a technological Revolution to Tourism & promises to revolutionize the way travelers discover and interact with the tourist destination.

The presentation was conducted by its Technical Director Softweb, K. Alexandros Asimakopoulos, who, among other things, cited the possibilities offered by the solution and emphasized that it is the first time in the tourism sector that the . With an emphasis on creating a safe, transparent, flexible, and improved travel environment, the Smart Tourist Card is emerging as a pioneering tool for transforming the tourist experience.

Some of the features available to the user are:

Personalized Experiences: Customized suggestions and events, taking into account the preferences of each user.

and Data Protection: Blockchain technology ensures data integrity and protects user privacy.

Smart Access: Full access to information, events, and service packages with one click.

The presentation impressed the audience, highlighting the role of technology in creating a new, sophisticated tourism reality.

Softweb presented not just a product, but a tool that will contribute to the intelligent digital transformation of the tourism sector, enhancing the competitiveness of each city as a tourist destination.


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