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Good morning PlayStation Portal sold out!

A few twenty-four hours ago and more specifically ps November 15, the playstation portal debuted in the United States and United Kingdom markets. Apparently, it only took a few hours for his new portable system to sell out PlayStation, which acts as a companion accessory for the PlayStation 5.

Going into detail, the official PlayStation Direct UK store was out of stock from day two, stating that there would be an update on availability on November 22nd. On the other hand, the official American store reports that there will be updates on the stock in early December.

Somehow, it didn't take long for the "party" of resellers on platforms like Ebay to start. The story we saw at the beginning of the generation is taken over once again, with PlayStation Portal nowhere to be found on official retail stores. Taking advantage of this shortage, scalpers sell at a cap of up to £300 the handheld console, with most listings however ranging from £300 to £400, while the official price is £199.

In case you want a refresher, Project Portal is a new portable PlayStation system, which isn't exactly a successor to the PSP and PS Vita, since you need a PlayStation 5 to run it. is done via Remote Play streaming, anywhere there is internet access via .

Portal has an 8-inch LCD screen, which is 1080p resolution and 60FPS. Sony describes it as follows: With a bright 8-inch LCD screen capable of up to 1080p resolution at 60fps, the device delivers sharp graphics and smooth gameplay streamed from your PS5 when you're away from your TV.

In terms of handling, PS Portal has all the buttons and features of DualSense, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.


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