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Don't buy a microSD card for your ROG Ally, increase storage with the WD_Black SSD portable gaming – here's how

Θέλετε να προσθέσετε περισσότερο χώρο αποθήκευσης στο ROG Allly σας; Θα πρέπει πραγματικά να εξετάσετε το ενδεχόμενο αναβάθμισης του εσωτερικού SSD αντί να αγοράσετε μια κάρτα .

At this point, ROG Ally is known to be one of the best gaming handhelds on the market. It can run more and applications than the and it's much more powerful than Valve's device as well. However, it has one major flaw – it can overheat in a critical area which can cause microSD cards to malfunction.

Obviously, this is a huge design flaw, especially since you can easily run out of space on your laptop if you keep getting more games. So, if you want to avoid the repetitive dance of deleting, archiving or otherwise rearranging data, the best thing to do here is to upgrade the ROG Ally's internal SSD with a larger capacity WD_Black SN770M SSD instead of buying a microSD card.

Fortunately, there are three different sizes to choose from to meet your needs: A 500GB version, a 1TB version, and a 2TB version. You can even install this SSD in your Steam Deck if you want to upgrade your Valve handheld.

How to install WD_Black SSD on ROG Ally

Η Western Digital είναι μια αξιόπιστη εταιρεία τεχνολογίας και ο SN770M SSD παρέχει γρήγορες ταχύτητες ανάγνωσης έως και 5.150 MB/s, επομένως είναι ιδανικός για συσκευές χειρός gaming. Be careful when replacing the SSD or you may damage your ROG Ally. You will need the right kind of screwdriver to do this without removing the screws. This is the kit I used.

After turning off the ROG Ally, unscrew the screws on the back leaving the center bottom for last. (Image: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
  1. Turn off your ROG Ally completely.
  2. Remove the six screws on the back side, leaving it down in the center for the end. This last one is not as long as the others and will stay in the casing.
  3. Carefully open the casing. I found it easier to pull the blank near the triggers.
  4. With safety disconnect the battery.

Remove the black sticker on the ROG Ally for better access to the SSD. (Image: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
  1. Remove the flat black sticker at the top.
  2. Unscrew the M.2 screw which holds the original SSD in place. Be careful not to strip the screw while doing this.
  3. Carefully remove the original SSD.

Carefully remove the SSD from the ROG Ally and replace it with the WD_Black SN770M. (Image: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
  1. Install WD_BLACK SN770M SSD carefully pushing it up into the contact points.
  2. Screw the M.2 screw back in place, once again, being careful not to strip it.
  3. Place the flat black plastic behind the top device.
  4. Reconnect the battery.

Reconnect the ROG Ally battery. (Image: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
  1. Put the housing back in place and press it around the edges to snap it back into place.
  2. Screw in the six screws everything back in place.
  3. Connect the official charging adapter to ROG Ally.

In ROG Ally's BIOS, go to advanced settings and click on ASUS Cloud Recovery. (Image credit: WD_BLACK)
  1. Turn ROG Ally back onand it should boot the BIOS when it detects the new hardware.
  2. Click on Advanced mode.
  3. Then go to Advanced tab and select ASUS Cloud Recovery.
  4. Choose Newer posts to start the Cloud Recovery download.
  5. Wait for the download to completeand then the system will reboot.
  6. Now you are good to play your ROG Ally with the new WD_Black SN770M SSD installed.

If you encounter any problems during the installation process of WD_Black SSD, please refer to Western Digital Customer Support for help.


As you can see from my ROG Ally review, this Windows gaming device is great, but the nasty overheating issue that can cause a microSD card to malfunction is a serious flaw. The best way to increase the storage space on your ROG Ally without facing this problem is to install a larger capacity internal SSD instead of using a microSD card. The best choice for this is definitely Western Digital's SN770M NVMe SSD.

You probably have some questions about WD_BLACK SN770M SSD for ROG Ally and other gaming handhelds. It's important to know as much as you can before installing hardware or making any changes to your devices. So here are the most frequently asked questions about the Western Digital internal SSD for mobile devices.

What is the read and write speed of the WD_Black SN770M NVme SSD?

Western Digital states that this drive can reach a read speed of up to 5.150 MB/s and a write speed of up to 4.850 MB/s. These are very fast speeds and should serve you well when gaming.

Is it easy to install the WD_Black SN770M SSD in a ROG ally?

The way the ROG Ally is built makes it relatively easy to open and then remove the original SSD so you can put the WD-Black in its place. However, you should make sure you use the right tools and be careful with the ROG Ally's internals, or you may cause damage. One of the most important things is to make sure you don't put too much pressure on the screws or you might strip them.

What gaming handhelds does the WD_BLACK SN770M work with?

Η Western Digital διαφημίζει ειδικά το WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD για το Allly και το Steam Deck. Διατίθεται σε τρεις χωρητικότητες αποθήκευσης: 500GB, 1TB ή 2TB.

How big of an SSD do I need for my ROG Ally?

At the very least, it's useful to have a 1TB SSD in your ROG Ally, although the best option is 2TB. This is especially true as the ASUS handheld has a major design flaw that can lead to microSD cards overheating and malfunctioning. Therefore, it is better to have more internal storage so that you don't rely on external storage options that can get corrupted and lose your game data.

How long does it take to remove the original ROG Ally SSD and replace it with the WD-Black SN770M?

If you use all the right tools and are careful, it should only take a few minutes to remove the original ROG Ally SSD and then put the WD-Black SN770M SSD in its place. This is because the ROG Ally's internal design makes the upgrade process relatively easy.

VIA: WindowsCentral

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