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Today's "Connections" hints and answers for Tuesday, November 21th

Looking for advice and answers for ς Συνδέσεις της Δευτέρας; Μπορείτε να τα βρείτε εδώ:

MORE FROM FORBESToday's "Connections" hints and answers for Monday November 20th

eh ! Before we begin, I must apologize. I accidentally included all the answers in the Connections Teams from yesterday's column, giving it their all a little earlier than you expected.

I wouldn't want to spoil the game for anyone, especially since I'm still enjoying it so much (Connections will be high on my games of the year list). This is not okay, and I will be more careful to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Today's Connections hints and answers come immediately.

How to play the links

In Connections, you are presented with a grid of 16 words. Your goal is to arrange them into four groups of four, identifying the links between them. Groups could be things like horror movie franchises, a type of verb, or rappers.

There is only one solution to each puzzle and you should be careful when dealing with words that may fit into more than one category. You can mix up the words to help you perhaps see the links between them.

Each group is color coded. The yellow group is usually the easiest to figure out, the blue and green fall in the middle, and the purple group is usually the hardest to figure out. The purple team often includes puns, so keep that in mind.

Choose four words that you think go together and hit submit. If you make a guess and get it wrong, you'll lose a life. If you're getting close to making a correct group, you might see a message telling you that you're one word away from getting it right, but you'll need to figure out which ones to trade.

If you make four mistakes, it's game over. Let's make sure that doesn't happen with the help of a few pointers, and if you're really struggling, today's Connections answers.

connections for November 21

Scroll slowly! Right after the hints for each of today's Connections groups, I will reveal what the groups are without immediately telling you what words are included in them.

Today's 16 words are:

  • HIP
  • TUSK
  • WARM
  • CHIC
  • WORM
  • IN

And the clues for today's teams are:

  1. Yellow group — the field of dentists and veterinarians
  2. Green team — cool
  3. Blue team — similar to Charleston or the moonwalk
  4. Purple team — like your least favorite sports team (or maybe even your favorites on a bad day)

Connection Groups for November 21th

Need some extra help?

Attention: we are starting to enter spoiler area.

Today's teams are…

  • Yellow group — types of teeth
  • Green team — trendy
  • Blue team — dance moves
  • Purple team — stuff that sucks

Links Answers for November 21

Spoiler alert! Don't scroll down the page until you're ready to learn today's Connections answers.

This is your last warning!

Today's Connections the answers are…

  • Yellow group — tooth types (CILLUS, CANINE, MOLAR, MILL)
  • Green team — trendy (CHIC, HIP, HOT, IN)
  • Blue group — dance moves (FLOSS, ROBOT, VOGUE, WORM)
  • Purple group — things that are crap (BEETLES, ACHAMI, Void, VAMPIRE)

My personal best winning streak just got even better as I'm up to 15 wins in a row. Today was also my fifth straight perfect game.

I got the purple group first, although I would argue that the REED itself doesn't suck. You suck things through a straw. A more apt inclusion here would be TORONTO (I actually like it , but as a Montreal adoptee, I have to say that Ontario's capital really sucks).

Next was the green team, which was clear because I'm very much with them. Likewise, apparently I can do all the dance moves in the blue group with ease, so I recognized that connection as well. This left the yellow group to seal my final victory.

That's all there is for today Connections clues and answers. Be sure to check my blog for tips and the solution for Wednesday's game if you need them.