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Ridley Scott said it out of her teeth to the French critics for "Napoleon"

The director wants to give a resounding response to the negative publicity and criticism Ridley Scott for his upcoming and much talked about film, Napoleon, with the Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix in the role of French soldier and emperor and the Vanessa Kirby in the role of Josephine. 

However, opinions differ on "” with the British handing out 5-star reviews, such as The Guardian, while the French railed against the film for various reasons. For example Le Figaro gave the alternative title “ and Ken Under the Empire" (THE and Ken in the Age of Empire), while Napoleon biographer Patrice Gueniffey made the statement in Le Point magazine that Ridley made a “very anti-French and very pro-British retelling of history". 

When the BBC showed Scott these reviews, the American director responded in a way he "says" to critics of his film: 

The French don't digest themselves either. The audience I showed the film to in Paris loved it. 

She the first time Ridley Scott has vigorously defended his film against those who have criticized it in recent months. He has been criticized for the historical inaccuracies he cites, such as the fact that Napoleon never fired cannons at the pyramids. Scott for his part told all of them "to do some other work” (s.s. Get A Life). 

The film synopsis states: “The film NAPOLEON is a spectacular, epic adventure about the tumultuous rise and fall of the iconic French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, played by Oscar-winning . The film, a high-profile production by legendary director Ridley Scott, captures Bonaparte's relentless journey to power through the lens of his obsessive, explosive relationship with his one true love, Josephine, showcasing the visionary military and political his tactics through some of the most demanding dynamic battle scenes in film history."

Napoleon: Everything We Know About Ridley Scott's Epic Movie With Joaquin Phoenix   

Napoleon opens in theaters on Thursday, November 23.


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