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The Boys' Antony Starr Shares The Thunderous Video Of His Gen V Cameo

Ο ως Homelander στο Gen V

We've seen a lot behind the scenes video showing buff actors doing action-hero feats. But it's hard to remember any performer keeping it as real as Antony Starr. He plays Homelander on The boys, οπότε μάλλον δεν είναι ξένος με τα ακροβακά και τις συρμάτινες εργασίες. Αλλά για την εμφάνιση του χαρακτήρα του Boys spin off Gen V.Starr had a hilarious reaction when he was brought up, way Under ground.

(NSFW language, in case that wasn't obvious.)

You have to love the nonchalant way he frames this clip as his "contribution". Immediately after Gen V.Its finale was revealed earlier this month by executive producers Michele Fazekas and Eric Kripke in an interview with Variety that his cameos Boys The characters—his Billy Butcher also appeared — were carefully designed rather than shoehorned in to tie the performances together even more.

"We didn't go into this final saying, 'We need a butcher and a homeland.' They were separate ideas." Fazekas said to the trade. “Homelander came before Butcher because we knew we wanted to see Homelander. But that's a bell you can't quite ring. We wanted to be very careful when we did this. And it would come up during the season, and then it made sense to do it at the almost last, prime time."

Gen V. and The boys are available on Prime Video. the release date for the fourth season The boys hasn't been announced, but since its creators told Variety that they're currently "deep in music and visual effects," the seems likely.

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