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How to use Windows 11 PowerToys Peek

Learning to use Windows 11 PowerToys Peek will seamlessly integrate previews into your workflow. Microsoft PowerToy offers handy assistantprograms to improve and add new ways to interact with your Windows system, and Peek is one of its many utilities.

Enabling Peek with α συντόμευση σάς επιτρέπει να κάνετε προεπισκόπηση των αρχείων γρήγορα χωρίς να χρειάζεται να ανοίξετε μια ολόκληρη εφαρμογή και βελτιστοποιεί τη ροή εργασίας σας. Το Peek υποστηρίζει πολλούς τύπους αρχείων, συμπεριλαμβανομένων εικόνων, αρχείων PDF, αρχείων κειμένου, εγγράφων του Microsoft and developer files.

This tool is convenient for those who search through many files while working and find it annoying to do so, especially if they only need to open other files for a quick look. In this article, we'll look at how to enable, use, and customize Peek.

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How to use Windows 11 PowerToys Peek

Note: To use Peek, you will need Microsoft PowerToys installed. I'm learning how to get PowerToys in Windows 11 if you don't have it.

1. Activate PowerToys Peek

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Start from launch the PowerToys application. Next, move down the left window, click Peekand turn on Enable Peek on.

2. Press Ctrl + Space to use Peek

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To use Peek, select a file and press Ctrl + Space to get a quick preview. Press the arrow keys to preview other existing files. To preview several specific files, select these files, press Ctrl + Spaceand after press the arrow keys to navigate.

3. Personalize your Peek experience

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You can customize the Peek tool in the following ways:

one. Activation Shortcut: In the Activation section, you will find Activation Shortcut, where you can customize the hotkeys in Peek files. The default shortcut is Ctrl + Space, but you can match anything else that starts with Windows key, Alt, Ctrl or Shift.

si. Always run not elevated, even when PowerToys is elevated: You'll find this option under Behavior, and it's enabled by default. Enable this to ensure that Peek can preview network shares without requiring elevated access rights.

do. Automatically close the Peek window after it loses focus: This option is located under Behavior. Enable it to ensure the The preview window closes automatically when you switch from it to a different app or desktop.

Hey. Text Wrapping: in the Preview, you will find source code files (Monaco) and the Wrapping text is below it. Enable this to wrap text and make long lines of code easier to view without having to scroll horizontally to read the entire line.

m. Try to format the source for preview: This setting applies to json and xml files. He leaves you choose whether you want the displayed code format to be visually organized (on) or to keep the original format (off)without modifying the original of the file on disk.

Now that you know how to use Peek, go ahead and give it a try! We also have tutorials covering other PowerToys tools. You can learn how to remap keys in windows, how to use PowerRename for mass renaming and how to use Always On Top PowerToy to pin a window to the top.


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