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UPDATE: Google Drive reportedly lost some user data (Google responds, investigates)

UPDATE: His team Drive issued an update via community support clarifying that this affects her for desktop and stating that they are currently conducting research. Some advice was also offered, such as not disconnecting the account from the desktop app or deleting the app's data folder. Updated story continues below:

Google Drive, the widely used storage service , is reportedly addressing an issue that causes files to disappear for some users. Many reports have appeared about it Google Support Forum and others , indicating that users are losing access to specific files stored in their Google Drive accounts. As reported by Android Policethe issue seems to affect files uploaded after May , as reported by a South Korean user who discovered that all their files from that period had disappeared from their Drive. Affected files are not visible in any folder, trash or revisions. The user also specified that their Drive has not been shared with anyone else, eliminating the possibility of accidental deletion or unsharing. Additional reports from other Google Drive users further confirmed the issue. One user reported losing important files, while another said he could only see folders and subfolders for some files, but not the files themselves.

The exact cause of the problem remains unclear, and it's not certain whether it affects the web version, the app, or synced folders on computers. Users are advised to check all possible locations where their files may be accessible.

Google has not officially acknowledged the issue, however some users have shared it through it Google Drive Help Forum that they have heard individually from Google Support. These users have been advised not to make changes to their Google Drive while the investigation is ongoing by Product Engineers. They specifically warned about modifying the root/data folder on their devices.
Currently, the Google Workspace status dashboard reports that the Google Drive service is fully functional with no issues reported. However, if you find problems with missing files, your best bet at this point is to get in touch Google Support or sit tight as open cases are investigated. Additionally, be careful when using Google Drive and avoid making changes that could compromise your files. Hopefully Google will issue an update and/or a fix soon.


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