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Roku's What to Watch makes it easy to find what you like

Roku has announced the launch of its What to Watch feature, which aims to make it easier for users to find what they like best.

New features such as What to Watch, along with Continue Watching and Save List, will begin rolling out across programsof Roku streaming in the coming weeks, with Roku TV models to follow in the coming months.

Με το What to Watch, οι θεατές μπορούν να έχουν πρόσβαση σε μια εξατομικευμένη επιλογή προτάσεων με βάση το “δημοφιλές περιεχόμενο, τις συνδρομές και τις δικές τους προβολής”. Όπως είναι ο κανόνας με το Roku, δεν υπάρχουν προφίλ στα οποία οι θεατές μπορούν να συνδεθούν, επομένως θα παρουσιάζει προτάσεις με βάση τα άτομα που παρακολουθούν στη συγκεκριμένη συσκευή. Η Roku είπε ότι θα λάβουν επίσης υπόψη τη συσκευή που παρακολουθείτε, προβάλλοντας διαφορετικό περιεχόμενο.

Content comes from “local and global favourites”, which in the UK means Channel 4, Disney+, ITVX, Netflix, My5, Prime Video and more.

Continue Watch is a feature you may have seen in other streaming apps and platforms. It works in much the same way, giving users a way to jump back into the content they're watching to continue watching TV. and the movies.

Η list isn't necessarily a new feature, but it's been tweaked to make it easier for users to "quickly access content they've marked to watch later." Roku also says that with the new Save List, users can easily add movies and shows from across the Roku platform.

In the UK, Roku has become one of the emerging players in the UK affordable TV market, challenging like Samsung and LG with their budget TVs. We liked what we saw from Roku, with the TCL Roku RC630K winning our best affordable TV for 2023. We'll be looking at the JVC and Sharp models in the coming weeks.


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