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NITECORE NWL20 : Rechargeable work light with diffusion COB and classic lens at 600 lumens at €29,8

First appearance

When you see a Nitecore signature lens, you know it's good, and the NITECORE NWL20 it does not escape this description as the first working lens I find from the well-known company has all the comforts. it also exudes quality, because Nitecore doesn't just make anything.

The NITECORE NWL20 magnetic base, which can be absorbed into any metal, with the lens body having the possibility of approxs up to 180 degrees from this base, turn him at the right angle, and do work, without holding him. This institution also functions as Hanger, so if you don't have something metal to magnetize, you can just hang him.

The Nitecore lens has dimensions 21,6 x 5 x 4,1 cmweighs 224 gr of along with its battery, and it has IPX5 rating, for water resistance, while it can survive 1 meter drops - most of the time -.

It has two lenses. One is one classic focal lens with maximum intensity ta 290 lumenswhile the total of one side of it, is the COB LED diffusionwhich is considerably brighter, since it reaches 600 lumens.

The NWL20 is battery powered NL2150 at 5000 mAh which you will find in the package and you can keep it open 10 hours, at full volumeor for 78 full hours in Low Mode of the COB LEDwhich makes it ideal for security lighting.

In fact, in addition to the white LED, it also has COB Red, which can flash or be permanently on, so in difficult times it can also be used as a danger signal.

The NITECORE NWL20 can be yours at 29,8€ with her price s will be over €40 so I think it's worth having a little patience for it to come from abroad.

Honest, quality lens, at a very good price. From me it is yes.

Coupon: BGRD11A10


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