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ChatGPT's 'make it more' is a new trend that takes images to the absolute limit

A recent conversation during Mashable's morning video call revolved around water bottles, with someone showing off the most του μπουκάλι νερού ενός λίτρου.

I had an idea: I can have his image maker , Dall-E, create an even bigger water bottle? I asked him to create a "huge water bottle" and he complied, creating two images of water bottles towering over buildings and people.

This was not long enough for me. I kept asking ChatGPT to increase the size of the bottle (you can see some snippets of that chat in the image below), until it finally produced an image of a bottle of water so vast, it enveloped entire solar systems and gal.

Bigger, damn it!
Credit: Stan Schroeder/ChatGPT/Mashable

When I asked for an even bigger water bottle, the bot created abstract images, with the water bottle supposedly spanning multiple universes. That was as far as he could go, he said.

An even bigger bottle of water

Now that's a decent sized water bottle.
Credit: Stan Schroeder/ChatGPT/Mashable

I had a bit of fun with the images and thought nothing of it. But now, it seems like this has become a trend on the internet, with everyone trying to create an image of something and then make it…more.

I first saw the trend called "do more" in a Tweeted by Justine Moore, a contributor to a16z, in which she linked images of ramen getting progressively spicier. Other examples I found include a pizza take out more and more deliciousa bodybuilder who gradually takes more muscular, and a picturesque scene in Switzerland becomes "more swiss. "

If you have Dall-E access (you need a $20/month ChatGPT subscription to get it) is easy enough to do yourself: Ask the tool to create an image of something, then keep asking it to make it more attached to a particular feature.

You can try adjectives like cute, big, or happy, but you can also just ask Dall-E to make the picture "more than something," as in this example in which the prompt asked to create an image of a meme lord who is gradually “more of a meme lord”.


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In some cases, like in my water bottle example, the results will be more or less exactly what you expect. But sometimes, things will take a nasty turn – check out this thread in which a request to build bigger cat ends with a monstrous cat devouring a galaxy.


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