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Impressive: These Are The Most Advanced Humanoid Robots - Watch Video

The Artificial Intelligence Explosion and the Road to the Future

Tech companies are constantly making efforts to turn science fiction scenarios into reality, with humanoid robots at the center of this technological development. Artificial intelligence, combined with robotics, opens up horizons for human society, with its effects seemingly indelible.

The value of the artificial intelligence industry, according to Markets and Markets analysis, is estimated to reach $13,8 billion by 2028, paving the way for a new way of life.

China, a pioneer in this field, has already announced plans to mass-produce robots from 2025, predicting an era where humanoid robots will "reshape the world", as reported by the country's industry ministry.

In the context of this technological s, Business Insider presents eight of the most advanced humanoid robots ever created.

Among them, NASA's Valkyrie stands out, designed to operate in the harsh conditions of space, being one of the most advanced robots in the world.

Ameca is also attracting interest, with its ability to communicate through its GPT artificial intelligence system . Videos showing Ameca training for various scenarios highlight its flexibility in learning and adapting to the world.

A major achievement is Agility Robotics' Digit, designed to deliver useful services safely in spaces designed for humans.

The company emphasizes its adaptability to the needs of consumers, although there is still a way to go for its full integration into everyday life.

At the same time, the company Dictador made a groundbreaking appointment, giving the humanoid robot Mika the role of CEO.

Mika, connected to 12 AI models, plays an active role in identifying customers and selecting artists to design rum bottles.

From Tesla's side, introduced its own robot, Optimus, which is evolving at an impressive pace. With the ability to walk and perform yoga, it opens new perspectives for its applications in the future.

Finally, the of Hanson Robotics and Boston Dynamics' humanoid robots are two more examples of modern technological development.

Sophia has impressed at various world-class events, while Boston Dynamics remains a pioneer in the creation of both robot dogs and humanoid robots.

This development marks a new chapter in human history, where artificial intelligence and robotics converge to create a world that will go far beyond the realms of science fiction. Although there are still challenges and questions, the road ahead is undoubtedly exciting and full of prospects for our future.

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