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[#Ιστορικός_ΠΑΤΟΣ] Baban Electric Heated Blanket 6 Layers Or Other: "How To Win Your Wife's Favor"

The electric heated blanket presented to you here highlights a number of innovative features and advanced technologies, with an emphasis on comfort and efficiency. And to put it more simply: you buy her and win the woman's favor. So simple 🙂

Analyzing its capabilities in more detail, we observe the following:

The blanket has a double thermo control systemας, το οποίο εγγυάται αποτελεσματική απόδοση ζεστασιάς. Αυτό το σύστημα επιτρέπει στη to spread quickly and evenly in the fabric, offering an even and comfortable heating experience.

The blanket uses dual PTC and NTC heating wires, which ensure even heat distribution over the entire surface of the blanket. This means there are no "cold zones" and the heat is evenly distributed for optimal comfort.

With dimensions of 150*180 cm, the blanket is large enough to comfortably cover your wife, offering her warmth and comfort during the cold months. Under conditions and if you have not committed a serious offense during the day (is it possible??) you will also be admitted.

Its rated power is 120W, which allows quick and efficient heating, ensuring that the blanket will reach the desired temperature in a short time.

The blanket's premium flannel construction offers thermal performance and a soft touch, making it ideal for a comfortable sleep.

In terms of specifications, the material of the blanket is flannel, providing a sense of luxury and comfort. Available in two colors, dark gray and light gray, offering options for various decorating preferences.

Its cable length is 2,1 meters, allowing for ease of use and flexibility in placement.

The blanket is also machine washable, offering ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Overall, this electric heated blanket offers a number of impressive features that make it an excellent choice for warmth and comfort during the colder months, combining quality materials, technological innovation and practicality.

It is available at and you can order it now at its price 57,9 €

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