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Galaxy A35 and A55 expected release date, prices, specifications and upgrades

In addition to the best flagship phone series on the market, Samsung also tends to do particularly well when it comes to mid-range devices, such as the well-known A series. The next iteration that we are currently patiently waiting for is the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35.

Here, you'll find all the rumors and leaks that have come out about Samsung's upcoming A-series mid-rangers. Somewhat strange, however, is the fact that there doesn't seem to be too much about the A55 and A35 so far, with only a few bits of information – albeit important – appearing online.

The good news, though, is that there should be around three to four months to go before the expected announcement of both phones, so there's plenty of time for some tasty leaks to emerge. Last year we saw some minor changes, such as a faster chipset, a slightly improved camera system, a glass back panel and improved tactiles.

What will the Galaxy A55 and A35 bring together? So, let's see what we know so far!

Galaxy S24 release date

There is no word on an exact date, but we could easily guess by looking at the history traffic schedule for the ancestors of the A55 and A35. Here is:

  • Galaxy A52 and A32 5G: March 17 2021
  • Galaxy A53 and A33 5G: March 17 2022
  • Galaxy A54 and A34 5G: March 15 2023

As you can see, Samsung has released its mid-rangers in mid-March every year for three years running. So, in other words, the probability of seeing the Galaxy A55 and A35 at the same time this year is more than high.

Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 Prices

Now, Samsung's A-series prices went up slightly last year, but that's exactly why we don't expect the company to do the same this time around. The Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 are expected to cost the same amount as their 2023 predecessors, namely $449 for the base Galaxy A55 and $246 for the base Galaxy A34.

* – Expected values


Samsung Galaxy A55: +12MP +5MP

Samsung Galaxy A35: 50MP + 8MP + 5MP

At the moment, there are not many rumors about the camera system on the Galaxy A55. Some reports suggest that the main camera will remain at the same 50MP, but it is unclear if it will have a new image sensor or other hardware improvements with the rest of the cameras.

On the other hand, the Galaxy A35 is said to have a new 50MP primary camera which is set to replace the A48's 34MP camera, but again, that's about as far as the leaks go. No details have been revealed yet.

Galaxy Storage space A55 and A35

Storage options will likely remain the same, but we might see Samsung drop the 4GB RAM option for the A55 model, unlike the A54 which had such an option. So, in other words, we expect to see 6GB and 8GB RAM variants for the new mid-ranger.

Galaxy A55 storage capacity:

Galaxy A35 storage capacity:

Galaxy A55 and A35 plan

Fortunately, design is one of the areas where we are I am doing they have information on at least one of the phones, and that's the Galaxy A35. Some recently leaked renders of the A35 and a 360-degree video showed that Samsung's most affordable mid-ranger will finally replace its selfie camera cutout with a simple punch-style cutout.

The images also show an interesting design choice that Samsung may have made — making the area where the volume and power buttons are slightly raised compared to the rest of the phone's frame.

Unfortunately, we have nothing to tease ourselves about the Galaxy A55, but since these two phones tend to share the same look, expect it to adopt the same visual changes.

Galaxy A55 and A35 screen

  • Galaxy A55: 6,4-inch Super AMOLED, 120 Hz, HDR10+
  • Galaxy A35: 6,6-inch Super AMOLED, 120 Hz

Apart from the Galaxy A35 dropping the small notch that its predecessor had, we don't expect to see anything new for the displays of Samsung's 2024 mid-range phones. The only area where both could improve, if we were to guess, would be the brightness levels of the maximum nominal brightness. For reference, the A54 and A34 have a maximum brightness of 1000 nits.

Galaxy A55 and A35 battery and charging specifications

There were some rumors that hinted at faster charging speeds coming with the more expensive Galaxy A55, but unfortunately, those rumors have recently been disputed, meaning the A55 will retain the same 25W fast charging of its predecessor. The same goes for the Galaxy A35.

Here are the expected battery sizes for both phones:

  • Galaxy A55: 5.000 mAh
  • Galaxy A35 Plus: 5.000 mAh

, is the same as before.

Galaxy A55 and A35 performance

One area where both phones will no doubt be upgraded is their performance, with an all-new chipset. Apparently, however, Qualcomm won't be the only supplier here. Instead, Samsung is likely to grace the A55 and A35 with the processor 1480, which is supposed to be codenamed S5E8845, or its more cheeky version: “Rose”.

This should bring some improvements in speed and graphics performance, which should hopefully lead to less UI stuttering like the ones we noticed on the Galaxy A54 during our review.


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