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Adecco Research: Artificial Intelligence and the evolution of the workplace in Greece – Economic Posts

In an era η τεχνητή νοημοσύνη (AI) κερδίζει έδαφος καθημερινά και η αναπτύσσεται ραγδαία, η έρευνα του GROUP Global Workforce of the Future 2023 brings to the forefront the importance of artificial intelligence at work, capturing new trends in the domestic market.

Focusing on the collection of important international data, the degree of preparation and response of employees to artificial intelligence tools is presented, as well as important data and critical parameters that highlight the impact of technological development on the workplace in Greece.

How many employees use GenAl at work – Adecco survey

Greeks are not fully familiar with the use of GenAI

According to the study data, the percentage of Greek workers using GenAI, i.e. creative artificial intelligence, is significantly lower than the international average (54%), while less than half use artificial intelligence tools with the guidance of their employers. In fact, 46% say they still don't trust the reliability of AI tools for their business requirements.

At the same time, it seems that workers in Greece feel that the quality of their work is enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence tools, most popularly the ability they offer to find and collect information instantly, giving a resounding message for the widespread integration of artificial intelligence at work.

Notably, 59% of respondents report that adding GenAI to their technology toolbox makes them more efficient, allowing them to save time to focus on more important aspects of their work. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of respondents in our country (56%) consider it necessary to provide training and guidance from their employer in order to gain more knowledge in the use of Gen AI, so that they can take advantage of the new technology in the best possible way way.

It is not surprising, then, that the need to become familiar with the use of artificial intelligence within the next decade is limited to a significant element (80% of employees). In addition, 70% of respondents report that they intend to educate themselves, expanding their knowledge on the proper use of artificial intelligence tools, highlighting GenAI tools as a fundamental part of the daily employee experience in the near future.

The added value of soft skills

According to the survey, the human factor continues to play a dominant role in how it impacts the work environment, with emotional intelligence (40%), empathy (34%) and ranking higher than the use of GenAI in critical thinking (32) . %).

The transition to a working future based on it seems to be growing rapidly, even becoming a criterion for staying in the current job. A high proportion (45%) say they intend to stay in their current job for the next 12 months, while 54% of workers believe their skills can be used in other roles or industries.

Finally, although the results presented for our country in the Global Workforce of the Future 2023 prove that GenAI is here to stay, both employees and employers seem to need time to become fully familiar with the use of artificial intelligence tools in the their daily professional life.

The Global Workforce of the Future 2023 survey was conducted for the fourth consecutive year by the Adecco Group and was conducted on a representative sample of 30.000 workers from 23 countries and 25 different industries.


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