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Geoff Keighley confirms Game Awards to move away from 'World Premiere' title.

Geoff Keighley shared some new information and changes coming to the Game Awards this year, such as the removal title “World Premiere”, increased security to deter future intruders on stage and weighed in on the Dave the Diver debate.

In a stream of yesterday's question and answer session of The Game Awards, Keighley answered a viewer's question about how many world premieres will appear on the show this year. Keighley revealed he isn't sure of a firm number and said it would be "about the same", but then went on to discuss what constitutes a world premiere.

"Actuallyality, we often put out these cards, “world premiere, world premiere”… this year we're moving away from that, just because everything is kind of, “is it a first look? is it an announcement?” etc,” Keighley said. “So we treat it all as great game content.”

When asked if they will add additional safety measures to prevent crashed stages, Keighley confirmed that they will, but refrained from going into details (so as not to give away spoilers for potential crashers). "Yes, we will," he replied. "We don't want to talk about these things too publicly, just because it's a security issue."

The security boost comes as no surprise. At last year's Game Awards someone came on stage towards the end, approached the microphone and made the infamous "Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton" comment.

Less than a year after this incident, at Gamescom Opening Night Live, another event hosted by Keighley, two attendees stormed the stage during his opening remarks for the show and made references to the Grand Auto 6.

At another point in the interview, Keighley also addressed her recent controversy surrounding Dave the Diver's Best Indie Game nomination.explaining that the Game Awards leave it up to their jury to decide what constitutes an indie game and what doesn't, adding that "indie can mean different things to different people and it's kind of a broad term, right?".

“Well, yes, Dave the Diver. This game is made by a team called , it's a smaller game from a smaller team, but it's part of Nexon, which is a really big publisher. So I think it's a fair debate and reflection – Is this game really indie or not? Keighley said. “You can argue it one way or the other. It's independent in spirit and in that it's a small game with – I don't know what the budget is – a relatively small budget, but it comes from a bigger entity, and there are other games on this list from much smaller studios.”

The Game Awards will take place on Thursday, December 7th. For more information on this year's nominations, see our summary.


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