Modern technology gives us many things.

“Google Docs” – Google Office completely free and everywhere

ο is a free web application with which we can create and edit documents from the Cloud. Has the "Documents" (equivalent to Microsoft Word), "SPREADSHEETS" (equivalent to Microsoft Excel), "Presentation" (corresponds to Microsoft PowerPoint) while there is also a fourth option "Forms" where we can make various forms/questionnaires.

Through Hellenized environment of the application we can format text and paragraphs by choosing between hundreds of letters, use bold, underline, italics, zoom, apply left, right, full or center alignment, add links, images and drawings, etc. It has nothing to envy from other similar commercial applications.

ο Google Docs they also work very well as a mobile app since then also available in a version for Android and iOS devicesSo, using our phone or tablet, we create documents on the go with or without internet connection.

When creating the documents, Saving is done automatically and there is no fear of losing our files from a sudden power outage. This feature is also available when we are not connected to the internet. Any changes we make to our documents while we are offline will be saved and applied to our files the next time we access the Internet. Of course, tfiles are saved to the account we already have on Google and on .

Of course, sharing with other people could not be missing, since we can give access to friends and acquaintances, to read and also edit/modify our documents. The latter is very useful when working together with partners.

Finally, it's worth noting that Google's docs are fully compatible with Microsoft office files. That is, we have the ability to "load" a Word document and edit it normally.

Operating system: , , Mac, Android, iOS
Manufacturer: Google
Author of the article: Orven Shabani


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