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Using the iPhone 15 Plus at Disneyland convinced me that it's the best phone for most people

So you need a capable and long-lasting smartphone. I mean, you never know when you'll need to do the Kessel Run, or when you'll need to dodge Imperial ships in the Naboo Royal Cruiser.low power mode, not being able to charge your phone for a few cycles.

As a result of one of my trips to Disney's Galaxy's Edge, where I went on a Smuggler's Run and saw Rise of the Resistance, I am convinced now more than ever that the iPhone 15 Plus is the best iPhone for most of the inhabitants of this universe. Yes, even those on external systems. This is the way!

These are my experiences after a demanding trip to Disneyland in California, with the iPhone 15 Plus.

(Image: Future)

Εάν έχετε διαβάσει τη λεπτομερή κριτική του Stephen Warwick για το iPhone 15 Plus, γνωρίζετε ήδη ότι το iPhone διαθέτει τον μεγάλο αισθητήρα ς from the . That's 48 megapixels to get bigger and more detailed photos, but more importantly, a bigger sensor equals better low-light imaging.

We'll get more into that in a bit. Plus, you'll now have USB-C for charging, cable included. The screen is brighter, with a peak brightness of 1000 nits, HDR content peaking at 1600 nits, and outdoor peak brightness of 2000 nits. , φυσικά, φέτος τα μη επαγγελματικά μοντέλα αποκτούν το .

Taking iPhone to the most magical place on Earth

All these details “on paper” are important, but what does using the iPhone 15 Plus look like in real life? So, without those details, let's explore Star Wars World, or as it's officially called at Disneyland, Galaxy's Edge.

My day started around 8am, but I didn't take my phone off the charger until 10am. That's important information because the iPhone 15 Plus has more stamina than the Energizer Bunny and is more than capable of handling any lightsaber task you throw at it, with the 4.383mAh battery and A16 Bionic processor found in last year's 14 Pro . I'll go into this in a bit more detail at the end of this article as I wrap up my day and experience using the phone at the Mouse House.

One of the immediate highlights of using the iPhone 15 Plus over last year's iPhone 14 Plus is the redesigned body. It has more rounded edges, a departure from the sharper edges of last year's model, making it more comfortable in the hand. And the new "tinted" glass back features a frosted, matte finish that doesn't absorb fingerprints like before. A plus when it comes to eating some potentially greasy food, including my favorite Disneyland fried food of all time, CHURROS.

Splash Mountain wasn't running this year but it's good to know I can come back when they refurbish the ride to introduce Princess Tiana and I don't have to worry about the phone getting wet because it's IP68 rated.

Tshaka stands in front of the Millenium Falcon

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

With a pocket device as powerful as the Millennium Falcon, it might seem "small" to say that the camera is the most important aspect of a smartphone, but for many people, it is. So what are you missing out on if you don't go for one of Apple's premium “Pro” models with the three camera systems? For the average user? Not much, to be honest. Let's get into some sample photos I took on dark rides and at night during my visit to “more terrifying the Happiest Place on Earth” during the Halloween-themed season.

Shot on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in very low light

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

From the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, this is a dark, eerily lit shot. Not one I would upload, not even on social media. That said, I wanted to show that in extreme low light conditions in Pirates of the Caribbean, the shots were pretty close in quality. Again, I qualify the poor quality by telling you that I was on a moving boat, in very dark conditions.

Difficult for any camera because the lower the light, the steadier you have to hold the camera. Try doing this in a boat that isn't just moving forward, but also rocking a little, side to side.

photo comparison between iphone 15 plus and iphone 15 pro max

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

Here we have pirates in the well. Even in low light, the cameras did a decent job capturing colors and plenty of detail, but the iPhone 15 Plus had sharper details than the 15 Pro Max. I attribute this more to the movement than the camera quality.

photo comparison between iphone 15 plus and iphone 15 pro max

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

Now, in better lighting conditions, you can see how the cameras stack up. Uploading them to my Mac, when pixel peeping, the differences are apparent in sharpness and contrast. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is superior. But again, not so much that if you share this on social media, you will see a significant difference.

photo comparison between iphone 15 plus and iphone 15 pro max

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

See how the front cameras perform in low light. When I zoom in on the teacups, the 15 Pro Max is sharper and has more detail, but again… you have to pixel peep to see it. Also, contrast is a bit better on the Pro Max, but that's not terribly different.

photo comparison between iphone 15 plus and iphone 15 pro max

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

And I'll end this short photo comparison with one of my favorite shots from the evening. This shot of the jack-o-lantern outside the Haunted Mansion. Again, another case of shots not significantly different in quality. Pixel peeping shows the difference, but again, it's not night and day, and I don't think anyone would call you Goofy for thinking the 15 Plus looks as good as the 15 Pro Max.

Daytime camera samples from the front and rear cameras of the iphone 15 plus

(Image: Tshaka Armstrong)

Looking at the iPhone 15 Plus and how it handles photos in daylight, you'll be fine. They are beautiful, the colors and contrast are solid and the details are great! This is from both the front and rear cameras.

The main thing you will miss is the inclusion of the third dedicated telephoto lens that the iPhone 15 Pro devices have. And you get the higher resolution, but most people will shoot at the default setting more than likely, so there's not a huge loss in terms of overall quality.

Beyond the camera

Another thing to note, while we're talking about theme parks: Both phones feature the new U2 Ultra Wideband chip, so you can now find other iPhone 15 users in a crowd with pinpoint accuracy. It's called precision finding. This is great if you split up and hit different routes and want to reconnect later.

Now, back to that battery life! Because I was busy enjoying the day, I didn't have as much screen time as usual, but I took more photos and videos than I usually do in a day. Over 100 to be exact. Additionally, I used Apple Maps to get me there and back home again, so a combined 3 hours of GPS navigation was streamed to the Bluetooth dongle in my car.

And at the end of that day, which lasted from 10am to 2am, I had 8% battery left on my iPhone 15 Plus. Now, I don't have a comparison with the Pro Max for that day because I didn't use it as much, but over the past two weeks of using the iPhone 15 Plus, the battery life is definitely better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. At the end of my work day, that's when I wake up and take my phone off the charger, by the time I get home from work, the 15 Pro Max usually has about 20% battery left. For the past two weeks using the iPhone 15 Plus, with the same screen on, averaging about 5 plus hours a day, I have about 40% battery.

Plus vs Max? "Good enough" is good enough for most people

For me, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is an "indifferent", if you can afford it. Recording profiles, camera options, Apple's latest technology in camera systems and artificial intelligence in the photo mix give me the best options for content creation, especially video recording.

But these things come with a steep price, especially when considering the larger storage options available. For most people who want long battery life and capable cameras, I think the iPhone 15 Plus is the obvious choice, with relatively few compromises. For these users, the $899 base cost and long battery life are the deal makers. You'll get a lot for $300 less than the $15 base iPhone 1199 Pro Max, and if you're a content creator, that price jumps two to four hundred dollars for the 512GB and 1TB options.

If you can't wish on a star for this flagship Pro Max upgrade, the iPhone 15 Plus is more than good enough to make your dreams come true.


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