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What is the Runway Motion Brush and how to use it

Artificial intelligence continues to mesmerize everyone and Runway Motion Brush is just another addition to the list. tool is actually very interesting as it went viral on social media as some people tested its capabilities. Today, we will explain its details, features and how to use it!

The spotlight now shines on Runway's latest creation: the second generation of the Motion Brush tool. This cutting-edge tool has sparked a wave of excitement as it seamlessly integrates with popular generators like Midjourney to bring AI-generated images to life.

Runway once again managed to impress everyone (Image credit)

What is the Runway Motion Brush?

Runway Motion Brush, a Gen-2 star, emerges as a testament to the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in creative fields. At its core, this tool has the magical ability to transform static images into dynamic narratives with just a few clicks. It's like waving a digital magic wand, leading to a significant leap in rendering capabilitiess video, delivering unparalleled clarity and detail through its high resolution prowess.

Creators across the spectrum are already immersing themselves in the magic of the Motion Brush. Whether it's trucks traveling down dusty roads, nature panoramas, moving people and animals, leaves swirling in the wind or drifting clouds, this tool brings static scenes to life. Runway has even demonstrated its versatility with examples ranging from waterfalls and fish in a tank to dynamic fire and the smoke billowing from a lit cigarette.

Runway AI Gen-2 makes creating text-to-video AI a reality

How to use the Runway Motion Brush

Using Motion Brush is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Put your picture: First, place your still photo on the Runway.
  2. Select Motion Brush: Click on the Motion Brush tool after you start with your image.
  3. Draw and label: Use the brush to draw the part of the image you want to move.
  4. Define Controls: Tell the tool which way you want things to move – up, down, left, right.
  5. and video creation: Save your changes, then click a button to convert your image to video. You can make it longer if you want!
  6. Download and share: Your animation is ready! You can download it, share it with friends and use it in other editing tools.

RunwayML text-to-video and image-to-video functions is to change the game

Runway Motion Brush
Runway's Gen-2 is really quite impressive (Image credit)

Runway Motion Brush features and pricing

Motion Brush isn't just about animation. it's a toolbox for your creativity. Check out these features that add extra flair to your art:

  • Motion brush and camera controls: Make things move while the camera zooms or pans.
  • Gen-2 Style Defaults: Add style without prompting, making your content even better.
  • Director Mode Updates: Fine-tuning the camera moves precisely in fractions of a second.

The user interface is familiar, like most image or video editors. Your access depends on your pricing tier, from Basic to Enterprise. Motion Brush is currently in beta, meaning all Runway members can try it out and explore the exciting possibilities of AI-powered creativity.

In addition to the Motion Brush, Runway also introduced new Gen-2 style presets and updates to the camera controls, showing their commitment to staying at the forefront of of artificial intelligence. Dive into the future of creativity with Runway, where every image can become a canvas for something magical.

Featured Image Credit: Corridor ML


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