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Google finally confirms why files are missing from Google Drive, no solution available at this time

We recently reported how many Google Drive users started reporting how they lost their files and currently have no way to access them. Now, the company has finally answered reκά με το πρόβλημα people are facing but there is currently no solution as the company is still looking to fix the problem.

Google is currently looking into the missing files issue with Google Drive, but there is no obvious fix at this time

Google not only acknowledged that files have been missing from users' Google Drive, but also said that the company is going to investigate the issue people are facing. The company claims that the issue is specific to it for PC, which means users on Android and iOS may not experience this issue.

Google also noted that the issue is only affecting limited users and will update once it has more information. To prevent more people from losing their Google Drive data, this is what the company suggested.

  • Do not click “Sign out account” in Drive for desktop
  • Do not delete or move the app data folder:
    • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\DriveFS
    • macOS: ~/Library/ apps/Google/DriveFS
  • Optional: If you have space on your hard drive, we recommend making a copy of the app's data folder.

As of now, Google has not given a definitive solution, so keep in mind that the methods given above may not work for everyone, and if you still have your data intact, it's best to create a backup. I haven't lost my files, but I just went ahead and backed up important stuff that was on my Google Drive and I would advise everyone to do the same.

Losing access to files that aren't backed up can be extremely frustrating, and I understand that many users use Google Drive on a daily basis, so not having access to important files makes things even worse. Hopefully Google is on the bottom of this and we'll have a fix on our hands soon enough.

News source: Google Support


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