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Twitch Gold Pixel Heart: How To Get It

The revealed an inspiring initiative through an aptly titled blog post Together for good and you can earn a Gold Pixel Heart badge if you participate. This campaign is designed to encourage the Twitch community to channel their collective passion for gaming and live streaming to support charitable causes. Twitch, a platform synonymous with interactive entertainment, has long been a conduit for positive social impact.

As the company stated:

“Since the dawn of Twitch, Twitch and philanthropy have gone hand in hand. Twitch streamers and their communities have raised millions of dollars each year for charity and had tons of fun doing it. Whether it's auctioning off retro toys, dancing for twelve hours straight or just staring at a wall, when it comes to charity our community always shows up."

Expanding on this legacy, Twitch is now embarking on a new challenge, aiming to engage every streamer on its platform. The company encourages all streamers to host a stream focuses on charity during the period from November 28 to December 3. This initiative gives streamers the freedom to choose any non-profit organization they wish to support.

You can earn a Gold Pixel Heart badge if you participate (Image credit)

Streamers can use Twitch's dedicated charity tool or use Tiltify, a popular fundraising platform, to facilitate their charitable efforts. To increase visibility and community engagement, Twitch advises participants to include hashtags #TogetherForGood or #Charity in their tags or titles their. This not only reinforces the sense of unity, but also opens up the opportunity for streamers to focus on the Twitch home page, offering greater visibility for their chosen causes.

In a gesture of appreciation and solidarity, Twitch is going to reward donors with a special token of gratitude. Contributors to these charity streams will receive a unique digital emblem from Twitch – the Gold Pixel Heart. This emblem serves as a testament to generosity and community spiritof donors, condensing the essence of the Together for Good campaign. Through this initiative, Twitch not only strengthens its role as an entertainment platform but also as a powerful agent of social change, empowering its vast community to make a tangible difference in the world.

“Gold Pixel Heart has entered the conversation! Anyone who donates at least $5 USD through the Twitch Charity tool will receive this exclusive chat badge for their community,” reads the Instagram post shared by Drawing.

How to get a Gold Pixel Heart Badge on Twitch?

Continuing from the previous narrative, the Together for Good initiative is further strengthened by community contributions such as this from Barry Carlyon on Reddit. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and ease of participation, BarryCarlyon shared a valuable resource – a link that directs potential donors and viewers to a comprehensive list of Twitch streamers participating in the charity effort.


Twitch Gold Pixel Heart
Contributors to these charity streams will receive a unique digital emblem from Twitch – the Gold Pixel Heart (Image credit)

By making a minimum donation of just $5 to any streamer listed in the Together for Good collection, donors can actively participate in this charitable cause. In return for their generosity, Twitch offers a tangible symbol of appreciation and solidarity – the Gold Pixel Heart.

The Twitch vs. battle will usher in a new era in streaming

Essentially, the Together for Good campaign, with its easy-to-navigate catalog and Gold Pixel Heart motivation, exemplifies how modern and community spirit can converge to create meaningful change.


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