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Playstation 5 Slim Bundle: Hell of a price!

Playstation 5 Slim μόλις βγήκε στην αγορά και ήδη βρίσκεται σε πολύ δυνατή προσφορά από τον Γερμανό. Αυτή τη στιγμή μόνη της η κονσόλα είναι στα €549 και το Spiderman 2 είναι στα €80. Όμως ο it has the cosnolas and Spiderman 2 bundle at €490 which is a price lower than that of the pure Playstation 5 Slim and close to that of the older PS5 Digital Edition, which does not have a disc reader.

Για να βάλουμε τα πράγa to a price base, the and Spiderman 2 have an initial price of €612.90. So we have a strong price for a console that just hit the market.

The PS5 Slim was announced a few days ago and has just hit stores. This is a more compact version of the PS5 in terms of size, while we also have changes in design details.

At the moment it is the ultimate console for every user, something that can be seen in the sales, but also in the company's profits.

With Christmas just a breath away, it's the perfect gift for loved ones and of course the best gift for ourselves. If you or someone close to you also has an invoice option, you can get it tax-free, saving VAT, with the price falling below €400!

Find the offer here!

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