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'The Marvels' is officially the lowest grossing MCU film, undeservedly

Well, that was inevitable. After setting records for the lowest opening weekend and biggest second-week drop in the MCU, the will set its final, unfortunate record, worst MCU film of all time.

Although it hasn't quite left the theaters yet, it's expected to make barely more money there and then Variety estimateswill only earn $197 million worldwide, it can creeps over $200 million if he's lucky. This is actually the lowest grossing MCU movie of all time, and here's who it compares to:

  • Iron Man – $585 million
  • Ant Man – $519 million
  • Ant Man and the : Quantumania – $476 million
  • – 449 million dollars
  • Shang-Chi – $432 million
  • Eternals – $402 million
  • Black Widow – $379 million
  • Captain America: The First Avenger – $370 million
  • The Incredible Hulk – $264 million
  • The Marvels – $197 million

What do you notice here? A few things. It has a number of early MCU movies, the ones that first established heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America before the MCU really took off into the stratosphere. (The Incredible Hulk is his own thing, and really only technically part of the MCU, so it's no surprise to see him last minute).

Then, the other half of the list? All movies from the post-game era, good (Shang-Chi) and bad (Quantumania). But even something that's been heralded as a flop like Eternals is still in the middle of the pack there, and The Marvels is Half that. It's just a wild, wild drop, especially for a movie that's a sequel to one billion at the checkout.

Marvel has been pretty brutal with The Marvels, with Bob Iger saying there wasn't enough "executive oversight" on set and Nia DiCosta facing all kinds of backlash for her comments and actions as a director (even though that's the highest grossing opening weekend for a film directed by a black woman). The film scored lower with critics than most, but critics have underperformed almost every MCU film of late (Quantumania fared worse), and there wasn't a massive review bombing campaign this time around with fans they seem to like the movie for the most part.

I've said before that this was the wrong movie at the wrong time, a turning point of superhero fatigue, the failure of the MCU, and other possibly more relevant movies to come like Deadpool 3, the only MCU movie coming next year after delays based on big names like Carnivore of the North. Marvels may have made all these sad records, but I don't think they deserve them, and stacked against the full MCU catalog, there are many worse movies and it seems like 3-4 years ago, this could have tripled their box office totals . Bad luck, and there is too much blame here, even from her . Sad to see.

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