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WhatsApp offers tool to create self-destructing messages

The notification that "this message will self-destruct" completes the mission briefing to the agents of the TV series and movies"Dangerous Missions" cartoons. he decided to do the same . The communication platform with the 2,7 billion active users announced that it has created a new tool called "View Once".

This tool allows a user to send an audio message and as the name of the tool says, the recipient of the message will only be able to hear it once, after which the message will self-delete. In addition, the recipient will not be able, after receiving the message or while listening to it, to take any action or edit to prevent the deletion. That is, the tool does not allow copying, saving or forwarding the message to another user.

“You can share with audio messages without fearing absolutely anything," WhatsApp, owned by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, says in the relevant announcement. Like all forms of WhatsApp communication, View Once is also covered by encryption, so the message's ability to self-destruct increases its security level to rates that reach 100%. View Once joins a series of new tools created by WhatsApp that further increase the level of protection of users' communications.

The boss of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has stated that he considers it a strategic goal to create a completely secure communication environment for the users of the company's platforms, but something that has found opposition to the prosecuting authorities who consider that these tools will be used by malicious and criminals of all kinds and the law enforcement authorities will have little to no chance of finding them before or even after they have committed a criminal act.


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