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Microsoft adds support for comment filtering in Word for the web and Mac

Η has added a new and handy feature for people who like to use the company's web version of Word. They can now filter comments on documents so they can find the ones that apply to them and more.

The new was announced on the Microsoft 365 Inside blog. He mentioned:

Using modern comments is now even more effectiveiki with the import of filtering in the comments window, aka list view! You can now filter comments that @ mention you, comments that are active, or comments that have been resolved. Until now, you could see all comments – active and resolved. In the feedback pane, you can now switch between each filtered view to find the information most relevant to you, based on your workflow.

Word on the web users can simply open a document that contains comments and then select the Comments button on the menu bar. They can then select the Filter down arrow to filter those comments.

Microsoft has a number of tips and tricks for this feature in their blog post. They include the ability to use multiple filters at once by selecting @mentions me and Active Only, as well as @mentions me and Resolved Only. Currently, the feature does not allow the Active Only and Resolved only filters to be selected at the same time.

Another note to remember is that if you close the Comments window in the Word document all comments will now be visible. If you open the comments window again, it will show that your previous filters are still set and will remain so until Reset All is selected.

In addition to the comment filter feature for Word on the web, Microsoft has also added this same feature to the Mac version of the same app, along with the Mac version of the app .


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