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Apple Watch Series 10 release date predictions, price, specs and features you need to know

*Header image – the Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), Series 9

Apple released the Apple Watch Series 9 a while ago, but people have already started talking about the Series 10. The Series 10 will mark the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the first Apple Watch, so there are some rumors that it might be called Apple Watch X (after the iPhone which followed the same tradition).
The watch is expected to be unveiled in September of next year 2024, but in the world of leaks and rumours, it's never too early to spill the beans on an as-yet-unreleased product.

So, this article is here to gather all the rumors and leaks we find online (of course, only the reliable ones) to give you an idea of ​​what you can expect from Apple's next premium smartwatch.

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Expected release date for Apple Watch Series 10

Apple usually makes announcements about new smartwatches in September. This tradition has been around for several years (as you can see below), and we expect Apple to follow suit more or less. Of course, it's too early for an exact date, but the timeline is pretty much clear.

*The schedule is tentative. No official event date has been announced yet!

Apple Watch Series 10 expected price

There really haven't been any price increases for Apple Watch models in recent years. If Apple is going to follow this strategy, we expect the Apple Watch Series 10 to be available at the same price as its predecessor. The watch should be available in Wi-Fi + Cellular and Wi-Fi only models, with the latter being the cheapest and in two sizes for its case.

*Predicted – no leaks about it yet!

Apple Watch Series 10 Design Rumors

One thing we know for sure, although the leaks haven't talked about it yet – it's very likely that the 10 Series will retain more or less the same look as its predecessors. Of course, small changes and improvements are always possible, but in general, we expect a recognizable rectangular design, a variety of sports bands and a bright screen.

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Apple is planning a redesign for the 2024 Apple Watch. The company is rumored to be planning to make it slimmer, but a major redesign is highly unlikely. The updated design (it's unclear exactly how updated it will be) is expected to be available to support the new features the watch is rumored to sport: blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection (more on those later).

Apple Watch Series 10 display specs: what to expect

The Series 10's predecessor, the Series 9, came with a notable upgrade to its display, namely brightness – and it's capable of up to 2.000 nits of peak brightness, twice what the Series 8 had. For the Series 10, we don't expect huge screen upgrades. We'll likely get an Always-On Retina display with a dust- and crack-resistant screen, thin bezels, and possibly the brightness of the Series 9. If Apple is going to make design changes and make it thinner, we're likely to see thinner display bezels, but that's all pretty much unconfirmed so far.

Apple Watch Series 10 battery life expectations

Rumors and leaks have yet to talk about a battery life update for the Apple Watch Series 10. Apple has stuck to the same battery life for its smartwatches (Ultra models are a different story though) , so it will be greatly appreciated if an upgrade is made. However, it is not clear whether this will happen.

ο Apple Watch Series 9 it has a battery life of up to 18 hours and a low power mode that can help the watch last up to 36 hours. Most likely, the situation of the series 10 will remain the same, despite the fact that there are smartwatches on the market with much longer battery life.

Apple Watch Series 10 features and software: what the rumors say so far

Here's where it gets interesting about the 10 Series. The only rumors and predictions we're hearing so far on this front come from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, but they are exciting! First of all, the Series 10 is rumored to support blood pressure monitoring. Although Galaxy watches have supported this feature since the Galaxy Watch 3 (officially, it launched with the 4, the 3 just received a software update), Apple has yet to include this feature in its wearables. It seems this time, it might be.

There will reportedly be a new sensor on the watch that will detect when your blood pressure is elevated. It is said that initially, the watch will not show you your exact systolic and diastolic readings, but a so-called “follow-up” version will later be able to show you. Additionally, we expect Apple to include a blood pressure diary feature that would tell you what was happening when you had high blood pressure.

The other new feature rumored for the Series 10 is sleep apnea detection. Sleep apnea is basically a condition where you stop breathing for a given moment when you sleep – and it could potentially be a dangerous condition. The feature is said to be able to monitor your sleeping and breathing habits and can predict whether you have the condition – it will also suggest you see a doctor if a possibility of the condition is identified.

Apple is big on health features for the Apple Watch, so these two features are very likely to make it. Of course, you can't be 100% sure yet, given the fact that it's still possible that these won't be available at launch (like the Double Tap gesture on the Series 9), or that Apple will decide they haven't been refined enough to launch. 2024. There's still time, so we suggest you keep an open mind and don't get your expectations too high.

There have been rumors about blood glucose monitoring, but that's a technology that isn't coming this time, likely, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Blood glucose monitoring has been rumored for Apple Watches for at least two years, but it's a complex technology that's really important to be accurate, so we're not hoping to see it in 2024.

Other features we expect are of course the ones we already have. So collision detection, ECG, fall detection, sleep tracking, activities and the like will likely be present on the Series 10, as they are on previous models.

The 10 Series will likely debut with the , which is currently in the works. We will get a taste of the new during Apple's annual developer conference, the , sometime in June 2024. Apple will then announce watchOS 11 features, and we'll learn more about what to expect from the Series 10.


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