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The AirTag 4-Pack is hitting Black Friday pricing again, just $79,99

Get that AirTag 4 pack you've always wanted for low not as low as $79,99 like Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​​​.

Never lose any of your personal items again with the Apple AirTag 4-Pack – Now just $79,99 for a limited time

This arrangement does not require any special steps. This means you don't have to worry about discount codes or coupons. Add it to your cart and you'll have it on your doorstep before Christmas.

Buy Apple AirTag 4 Bundle – Was $99, now just $79,99

Although there are many item trackers out there, but nothing will ever beat the AirTag, thanks to the connection Network. There are so many Apple devices in the world, your AirTag will still broadcast its location to you even if you are far away.

Setup is super easy, just pull the plastic tab off the battery and set it up using a pop-up window on the your. Once a name and emoji are given, you'll always see them on a map. But it gets better, you can even factory reset your AirTag and give it to someone else if you think you don't need it anymore.

If you have one of the latest iPhone models with the UWB chip, you can see the AirTag's exact location down to the last inch. This feature is a huge lifesaver. If that doesn't help, you can also call AirTag from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


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