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JIGOO C500: 500W motor, "split" pipe and dust indicator on the screen in a very good Stick vacuum cleaner, for 140€

H JIGOO C500 is an improved JIGOO C300, in almost every way, with the price not so much increased, so it might be worth more than its smaller sister.

First, here we have.. black and red , compared to the platinum of the C300, while its motor is also stronger, since it has 500w power that translates into 33KPa of absorption.

Big plus in JIGOO C500 is that fact that its tube is split, which means that you can very easily sweep under furniture, without having to perform gymnastic demonstrations.

On the display screen, apart from .. the clues, and touch control buttons, you will also find an indicator that shows you how much powder is on your floor, so you know you should continue mopping, or if you've cleaned properly at this point.

With 8 items, 2200mAh eacha, JIGOO C500 can work for 60 minutes in a row on automatic, or for approx 10 minutes at the maximum intensity of its motor. THE of it, is done through the cable that you will find in the package and lasts about 2.5 hours.

JIGOO C500 has a filtering system, five stages, with a filter , which filters everything, before they end up in the 1.2L container which the broom has to pick up the garbage.

You will find the basic mop head, with LED forward and two different brushes, (one for floor, one for carpets). Besides this you will find 2 more heads, one flattened to clean the most difficult places, and one with folding brushes for fabrics, chairs, sofas, etc.

In short, the JIGOO C500 is more complete, and of course a better vacuum cleaner than the C300, while it costs a little more, since you will find it at 140€ final price from Geekbuying.

Coupon: JIGOOC500


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