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The Morning After: A PS5 themed PlayStation 1

This one-of-a-kind PS5 console has been customized with the PS1's retro gray finish and classic four-color PS logo. Even the DualSense controller got a late '90s makeover, with a cute plug cover for the PS5's front USB-C port to mimic the first PlayStation controller.

No, this will not be released. It's a parting gift for SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) Chairman and CEO Jim Ryan, who retires in March 2024. At a thank-you party this week, the outgoing PlayStation boss was honored by many industry legends, including of the "father of PlayStation" Ken Kutaragi, Kazunori Yamauchi of Gran Turismo, Nicolas Doucet of Team Asobi and of course Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida.

It was 24 hours of heavy gaming, actually. This year's Awards showered us with new trailers and new games. Surprise, free DLC, an RPG set in a completely procedurally generated world, and a… Blade game?

— Matt Smith

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The company is trying to prevent "engagement hacking".

Meta's latest update for Threads brings the much-anticipated topic search feature, with tags. Although the attribute is under the familiar # symbol, Threads tags are slightly different from hashtags. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri explained that Threads tags can contain spaces and special characters and can only use one tag per post, so choose wisely.

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Ο τίτλος του Hello Games είναι ένα RPG sandbox για πολλούς παίκτες σε μέγεθος s.



British indie studio Hello Games has announced its next game, Light Without fire, which will bring its procedural generation No Man's Sky across an entire planet at an incredibly detailed scale. It will combine open-world exploration with multiplayer community-building, on an Earth-sized planet, apparently. Light without fire it's been in development for five years by about a dozen developers at Hello Games, but there's still no release window.

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There was no voice interaction, nor was the demo done in real time



As Google ramps up its AI battle with OpenAI and ChatGPT, the company has now admitted a demo, featured in the "Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI" video, was edited to speed up results. Interactions were also not based on voice but on text input.

The demo used “frames of still images from the hardware and prompting via text,” rather than Gemini responding to – or even predicting – a drawing or changing of objects on the table in real time. It's all a little less impressive and comes when Google's most advanced AI models aren't too different from OpenAI's latest GPT tricks.

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The official game of the year is finally on Microsoft consoles.

Developer and publisher Larian Studios had committed to releasing the Xbox version of this year's Game of the Year by... the end of the year and said it would reveal the exact date at The Game Awards. True to their word, Larian announced the Xbox version Baldur's Gate 3 he's out right now.

The delay was due to a technical issue with the Series S and the inability to create the game's split-screen feature on the lower powered console. However, Larian said it had a workaround for split-screen support on the Series X, but not the Series S, and had permission to do so from Xbox bosses.

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