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Xiaomi sells scissors with a carbon steel blade under the brand name Fizz

On Aliexpress, you can find a lot for cheap , τα οποία σίγουρα περιλαμβάνουν ανθεκkes, metal clippers. Chinese brand Xiaomi brings in collaboration with the brand Whistle Young, luxury trimmers for an affordable price that your wallet won't even feel. They also have a carbon-steel blade that's even replaceable.

Absolutely cheap duty free shipping

If you want to buy these quality cutters Xiaomi Fizzwe definitely recommend buying through the Aliexpress verified international market offer.

This seller even offers shipping with the Cainiao Super Economy Global label. We recommend this transfer mainly because you do not risk additional charges in the form of taxes or customs duties.

Additionally, these metal clippers have a replaceable blade. And directly on the seller's website, you will also find a convenient replacement package 10 pieces of carbon steel blades. You can easily replace them if the original gets dull or accidentally damaged.

Xiaomi Fizz Cutters

We also bought the trimmer, it arrived in a package with several orders

Το τρίμερ Fizz από το οικοσύστημα Xiaomi Youpin τράβηξε και εμάς, οπότε δεν διστάσαμε και παραγγείλαμε ένα. Επιλέξαμε και τη συσκευασία με 10 επιπλέον λεπίδες. Πληρώσαμε την παραγγελία στις 31 Ιανουαρίου, όταν ξεκίνησαν οι εορτασμοί της κινεζικής Πρωτοχρονιάς και έκλεισαν οι κινεζικές αποθήκες. Έτσι εστάλη μόνο στις .

Στην παραγγελία επιλέξαμε το Cainiao Super Economy Global shipping και το trimmer μας παραδόθηκε με τη μορφή “Combined ”, δηλαδή μας ήρθε σε πακέτο με άλλες παραγγελίες.

That's why the delivery took a little longer, as the warehouse in Budapest was waiting for all the packages to join them together. Final delivery to our address was on March 8th, which is 24 calendar days after shipment. However, the advantage is that the parcel was delivered by SPS courier and we paid nothing extra, no customs.

As you can see in the photos, we chose an attractive gold version of the trimmer. The original blade is also in gold, but the replacement blades are already in dark gray. There are 10 blades in the package.

We were pleasantly surprised by the handling of the Xiaomi Fizz scissors at the very first touch. The construction is extremely strong, made of aluminum alloy. When the blade is extended, the slider makes a soft “twitch” sound that is almost satisfying. The advantage is that the slider automatically sticks where you leave it and does not move while cutting.

The blade is extremely sharp and has no problem making a nice smooth cut through paper. The cutter has smaller dimensions and is ideal, for example, for unpacking packages. We can definitely recommend it.

This is how it looks in real life on video:

Xiaomi Fizz are luxury trimmers with metal construction

Innovation comes as part of brand collaboration Xiaomi a Whistle. The cutters measure 145 x 15 x 10mm (build) or 73 x 9 x 0,4mm (blade). A big advantage is also the durable and strong body, which is made of aluminum alloy.

The integrated blade is made of stainless steel and carbon materials. It has a 30° angle for smooth and sharp cutting, for example with paper or cardboard, and the structure also includes a lock against unwanted movement when cutting. You can lock the blade itself even after cutting to prevent accidental pulling.

Interchangeable carbon steel blades, safety first

The tool for safe replacement of the cutting element will also please you. The plastic tip will also help with replacing the steel blade itself. Several color versions are available – Knife Gold, Knife Blue, Knife Black and Knife Grey.

The practical plastic handle can also be used as a bookmark. So you can pack the product at work, put it in a work book or pin it to your clothes. However, thanks to the high-quality construction, you don't have to worry even in case of rough handling.

The packaging of this product contains a durable cutter piece from the brands laboratory Xiaomi a Whistle. There are also packs of one cutting piece + one piece of spare blade to choose from, or you can also choose the spare blade pack itself.

What do you think of these new luxury Xiaomi Fizz cutters? Would you consider buying this budget product? Feel free to write us your comments and opinions below in the discussion below the article. Follow our Facebook group: Xiaomi Planet – A place for true Xiaomi fans as well as our Xiaomi Planet portal and you will find out more information.

VIA: Xiaomi Planet

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