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Free Nova EON full package for 1 month. Get it for free here!

Nova invites you to enjoy the full EON+ package with sports channels for free for 1 month. These are Christmas presents. Watch free EON for one month on smart TV, smartphone, tablet and PC, MAC, gift worth 25 euros!

It's free for everyone –> Enter here and fill in your details. You will immediately receive the username and password.

The period of free viewing of the EON program ends on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. After the end of the specific period, the EON login code will not be valid.

How do I see free Nova EON for 1 month?


To watch via Smart TV, go to the page will be sent to you by email, download the EON TV app, select "Nova" provider and type the activation code that will appear on your Smart TV screen.


To watch via tablet or smartphone, download the EON TV app from Store ή το iOS , choose the language you want and provider "Nova", and type the username and password you received.

PC / Mac

To watch via PC/Mac, go to, select the language you want and provider "Nova" and type in the username and password you received.

You can install the EON TV app on up to 3 mobile phones , but you cannot watch simultaneously on more than 1 device.
Unable to refresh devices for this action.
Connecting via PC/Mac from different browsers of the same device reserves 1 additional place out of the 3 available.
default PIN for your account is 1234. With the PIN you can, if you want, manage different profiles and set parental control levels.

In case you need further information, you can call 210 5100444 (national call charges according to the usage plan).


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