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The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver is a great new gadget

Η has a variety of gadgets in its portfolio, including an improved version of the fan-favorite Mijia Wiha screwdriver set. The second generation has a name Xiaomi Mijia Precision Electric Screwdriver. The design and concept of the box remains unchanged, still maintaining simple shapes and precise aluminum construction.

The screwdriver is fully electric, which makes the work even easier for the user. We already know where you can buy it at a great price.

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Xiaomi Mijia Precision Electric Screwdriver

Xiaomi's popular screwdriver is now electric

The main change compared to the previous generation is that it got a screwdriver magnetic type electric motor. Thanks to this, working with him will be much easier and more efficient.

Second generation vs first generation screwdriver

The dimensions of the box are 201,8 x 74,2 x 25,2mm. The bit box is made of quality 6063 type aluminum alloy. The screwdriver itself has a weight 59 gr of.

The Xiaomi Mijia precision electric screwdriver is capable of speed 200 p per minute. The rotary switch allows you to easily select the direction of rotation (left or right).

You can also set the torque in the range from 0,05 Nm to 0,2 Nm. Thanks to this, you can precisely repair, for example, the frame of glasses or disassemble the construction of the phone.

24 steel tips

The screwdriver set offers a choice of up to 24 steel tips, which are magnetized. Among the bits you will find: PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, SL1.5, SL2.0, H.7, H.9.9, H1.5, H2.0, P2, P5, 2.3, W1.5, Y0 6 , Y1, T2, T3, T4, T5H, T6H, T8H, T9H and T10H.

A powerful battery that guarantees up to 400 uses

The electric screwdriver contains a capacity rechargeable lithium battery 350 mAh. Attendance will also please USB-C link. The battery charges to 100% in 160 to 200 minutes. A fully charged battery guarantees up to 400 uses.

Xiaomi subjected the screwdriver to up to 13 safety tests. Thanks to this, you can safely use it to repair devices that require greater precision and fluidity of screwing.

VIA: Xiaomi Planet

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