Modern technology gives us many things.

Light, minimalist and free note taking program

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Gravatar and many more popular , features an easy-to-use text editor for Windows, and Mac OS, completely free.

The Simplenotote it is definitely one of the best programs for taking notes, saving drafts and writing articles. It is light, fineko and allows you to change its design (white and black), add tags, change the font size and sync all your notes so you have them in every .

The program is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Windows and Linux (.deb and .tar.gz), and users also have the ability to view their saved notes and edit them directly from their browser.

Of course, at, our notes are at Google Keep, because the power of habit combined with the ease of use of an application hardly makes you change "camp". 

Version: 2.30
Size: 39.7 MB
Operating system: Windows All, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, Kindle Fire
Manufacturer: Automattic
Author of Article: Panagiotis Sakalakis (Founder of


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