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Apple Vision Pro training sessions for retail employees said to start in January, last two days and are a 'high-stakes endeavour'

Σε λίγους υπαλλήλους λιανικής στάλθηκαν προηγουμένως σημειώματα που ς ενημέρωναν ότι είχαν επιλεγεί για να παρακολουθήσουν εκπαίδευση για το Apple Vision Pro. Αν και τα ακουστικά AR λέγεται ότι θα κυκλοφορήσουν στις αρχές του 2024, πιθανότατα θα είναι μετά τον Ιανουάριο, καθώς τα εκπαιικά σεμινάρια για υπαλλήλους λιανικής θα ξεκινήσουν τον επόμενο μήνα. Η τελευταία έκθεση αναφέρει ότι αυτές οι συνεδρίες θα διαρκέσουν δύο ημέρες και αναμένεται να βοηθήσουν τον εργαζόμενο να ενημερωθεί σχετικά με το πώς να πείσει τους αγοραστές να παραλάβουν το φορητό προϊόν της Apple με 3.499 δολάρια.

The installation process of Apple Vision Pro is said to be complex. Retail employee training is expected to simplify this to help improve it at the discretion of the user

Retail employees are expected to learn everything there is to help improve the Apple Vision Pro user experience and ultimately convince customers to make one of these daily drivers. Mark Gurman of has reportedly been told that training is a "high-stakes endeavor" as the installation of the Apple Vision Pro is complex.

Unsurprisingly, ruining the customer experience isn't on the company's list of goals, so every employee will be taught how to approach customers and position the headset in a way that perfectly fits each user.

“The idea is to fly in a few people from each store, give them the lowdown, and then have those people go back home to train the others. At the time, Apple told staff that this would happen in early 2024, when the company said it would launch the device.

These seminars are scheduled now and training is due to begin in mid-January. Each employee will be trained for two days, I am told. It's a high-stakes endeavor: the process of installing Vision Pro will be complex and something Apple wants to screw up.

The device needs to be customized for each person and a bad fit could ultimately ruin the user experience. Every step will be carefully orchestrated, including how retail employees approach a customer and how they place the device on a user's head."

Despite these training sessions, buying an Apple Vision Pro won't be as simple as ordering one from the company's online store or going to a retail store, as according to a previous report, these devices will only be available through system appointment. This is nothing new as it is a format followed when the first Apple Watch was released. Regardless,

Apple's approach to bringing its first mixed reality headset to market is a smart one, as customers willing to fork over $3.499 for it will be excited to try it out. The training of these employees will ultimately make or break first impressions of the Apple Vision Pro and determine the initial success of the handset.


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