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Light No Fire Handily tops YouTube views for TGA 2023 trailer

While Kojima's OD may have received the most press coverage in terms of TGA 2023 announcements, YouTube views tell a very different story, with Hello's Light No Fire be at the top of that particular table. Rightly so, in this writer's opinion, since the debut trailer was by far the most impressive game presented at The Game Awards 2023.

Additionally, while most developers brought CGI trailers or simple gameplay snippets to announce their new projects, Hello Games provided two full minutes of actual gameplay from a multiplayer session.

small British studio known for No Man's Sky is riding as high, maybe even higher, than it did a decade ago when it announced the sci-fi action/adventure survival game set in a near-infinite universe. With Light No Fire, Hello Games once again promises what has never been done before: a real-scale planet that can be explored without any boundaries, where players can play together without restrictions in a fantasy setting that has already shown dragons, anthropomorphic races and magic.

That's probably why Light No Fire's trailer has already broken records on the Hello Games YouTube channel, surpassing 4,1 million views, becoming the most viewed video ever posted on the channel.

When we add the views recorded on other channels like TGA's, IGN's and Gamespot's, the total number of views comes to 4,65 million views, proving beyond any doubt that players have been more forgiving than Hello Games for the initial mistakes of No Man's Sky.

The of Sony won second place in this basket with the reveal of the free Valhalla-style DLC. The video's biggest performance was, unsurprisingly, on PlayStation's own channel, where the Valhalla trailer was viewed 2,9 million times. It also had a whopping 1,1 million views from one of the two IGN videos, but even when adding that and the views recorded on the Gamespot and TGA channels, the grand total is still "only" 4,26 million views.

Marvel's Blade by Arkane Lyon also got a lot of views, but most of those (3,4 million) came directly from Marvel Entertainment's YouTube channel, which is a bit of a scam for a video game. Even when you add views from the TGA, IGN, Gamespot and Bethesda channels, the total is 3,9 million views.

The rest of the TGA 2023 announcements didn't even come close to these three when it came to YouTube influence. The Survival, the single-player horror action/adventure game developed at Saber Interactive, also benefited from its release on the Jurassic World channel, where it recorded 1,4 million views. Monster Hunter Wilds had almost one million views on the PlayStation channel. However, none of the others came close to the million mark in a single trailer.

That a new IP like Light No Fire from such a small studio can elicit this kind of response from gamers is a testament to the power and ingenuity of indie developers. Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye on any updates shared by Hello Games for this highly ambitious game. Stay tuned!



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