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Apple to launch iPad Air in March with 'significant improvements', slated to feature M2 chip and a new 12,9-inch model

Apple is working to refresh its entire iPad lineup next year. While the basic iPad and αναμένεται να δουν το φως της ημέρας το δεύτερο εξάμηνο του επόμενου έτους, η εταιρεία θα κυκλοφορήσει νωρίς τα OLED iPad Pro και 6. The OLED iPad Pro will be the highlight of the springof the company's event, as it is set to feature a new design paired with Apple's latest M3 chip. However, the iPad Air 6 is also expected to bring notable improvements.

The 12,9-inch iPad Air will have the same design as the current model, with a bigger battery and an M2 chip built in

In his last Power On Newsletter, industry analyst Mark Gurman claims that Apple will release two variants of the iPad Air. The company will upgrade the existing 10,9-inch model and introduce a new 12,9-inch model of the iPad Air. The internals of the tablet are expected to be the same across the range, housing an M2 chip. The new larger screen will allow the company to increase shipments and regain strengthin the market.

Currently, the iPad Pro models are powered by the M2 chip, and the company plans to bring the same chip to the iPad Air series next year. The M2 chips are powerful for a tablet, considering the CPU and GPU gains it will bring to the mix. Aside from the new chip, we don't expect the company to make any changes to the iPad Air's design, as the 12,9-inch model will look identical to the smaller version. However, the 12,9-inch iPad Air could feature a larger battery due to its larger frame.

Despite the increase in screen size, Apple has no plans to release a redesigned Magic Keyboard for the iPad Air. We suspect that the existing Magic Keyboard for the M2 iPad Pro will fit the M2 iPad Air. Instead, the company plans to redesign the Magic Keyboard for the OLED iPad Pro, allowing the tablet to look more like a laptop.

The M2 iPad Air will not compete with the OLED iPad Pro, as the company plans to widen the gap between the devices. However, the iPad Air 6 will have notable improvements over the entry-level iPad with a similar screen size. While it's too early to tell, the larger 12,9-inch iPad Air will be priced higher than the standard model. We suspect the 12,9-inch iPad Air will cost between $699 and $799. As reported, Apple will launch the OLED iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 models in March 2024.


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