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Lenovo Yoga Pro laptops with Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” equipped with LPDDR5-7467 memory, up to 27% lift in applications and 9% in games

Lenovo has turned out the upcoming Yoga Pro laptops with next-generation processors; Intel's “Core Ultra” and fast LPDDR5 memory.

Lenovo plans to make its Yoga Pro laptops with Intel Core Ultra "Meteor Lake" processors fast with LPDDR5-7467 memory

Η Lenovo μίλησε πρόσφατα για την πλατφόρμα AI PC της που θα περιλαμβάνει διάφορους φορητούς υπολογιστές με τη σειρά Yoga Pro να είναι μία από αυτές. Αυτοί οι φορητοί υπολογιστές αναμένεται να κάνουν το ντεμπούτο τους την επόμενη εβδομάδα στην εκδήλωση παρουσίασης της Intel Meteor Lake “Core Ultra”, αλλά η εταιρεία δίνει μια μικρή προεπισκόπηση του πρέπει να περιμένουν οι χρήστες.

The laptop maker explains that while many companies will use LPDDR5-6400 memory with Intel Meteor Lake “Core Ultra” products, they are leveraging even faster memory. This can be seen with the inclusion of the LPDDR5-7467 which is a 17% speedup and should lead to a nice boost in overall performance.

Image source: Lenovo

Lenovo shows a generational chart showing how laptop memory has evolved from DDR4-3200 to DDR5-5200 in 2023 and LPDDR5-7467 in 2024. The company doesn't say which specific Intel Core Ultra SKU was used for this demonstration.

It is reported that several core optimizations and PCB changes need to be made to incorporate the faster LPDDR5 memory solution. And it's not just an XMP tweak but an actual 7467 DRAM built into the laptop itself. The faster LPDDR5 memory will prove to be great for Intel's Meteor Lake processors and the Arc graphics built into them, as it provides extra bandwidth.

Image source: Lenovo

In the benchmarks presented by Lenovo, the company compares the performance of the LPDDR5-6400 memory with the LPDDR5-7467 in various workloads.

Analyzing each workload, you're looking at up to an 11% performance boost in AI, a 27% boost in desktop, a 9% boost in 3DMark, and a 9% boost in gaming. The games tested were Shadow of The Tomb Raider & . The company did not say whether APO was enabled.

An interesting thing to note here is that Lenovo also compares performance with SAGV enabled and disabled on Intel Meteor Lake configurations. SAGV είναι ένας δυναμικός παράγοντας συντονισμού στο SOC που μπορεί να προσαρμόσει τα προφίλ μνήμης με βάση τον φόρτο εργασίας. Μπορεί να οδηγήσει σε χαμηλότερη κατανάλωση ς και εξοικονόμηση χρόνου μπαταρίας όπου δεν απαιτείται μεγαλύτερη ταχύτητα μνήμης.

Image source: Lenovo

Various memory profiles can be dynamically enabled based on the workload. When enabled, SAGV enabled the 5600 MT/s mode with lower latency versus the 7467 MT/s mode, which is useful for typical PC applications that require higher bandwidth and don't benefit from lower latency, such as gaming. The memory can even be reduced to 3200 MT/s for video playback and browsing, ensuring more battery time.

Image source: Lenovo

SAGV is disabled in BIOS:

SAGV on Lenovo Yoga Pro laptops equipped with Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processors can be enabled or disabled via the BIOS. When disabled, the BIOS allows you to manually set LPDDR5 memory between 7467 MT/s (Gear 4) or 5600 MT/s (Gear 2).

Image source: Lenovo

In addition to all the tests, Lenovo also shared a first look at the internals of the Yoga Pro laptops with Intel Meteor Lake processors. The laptop features a dual-fan cooling solution with two large copper heat pipes that direct heat away from the Meteor Lake processor. The LPDDR5 memory is also under a copper heatsink and is glued to the PCB. The battery is a 5385 mAh (84 Wh) design and this laptop will be available for retail in early 2024.

News source: ITH Home


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