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It reveals its highly sophisticated camera

Over the past few weeks, the Honor Magic6 Series has been creating quite a buzz thanks to various but also the mobile certifications that were published.

Now the usual suspect Digital Chat Station took the baton and decided to tell us even more details about her του Honor Magic6 Pro. Το σημαντικότερο χαρακτηριστικό της κάμερας του Honor Magic6 Pro είναι ο αισθητήρας 1 ίντσας ο οποίος δεν είναι άλλος από τον γνωστό OmniVision OV50K. Αυτός ο πρωτοποριακός αισθητήρας ενσωματώνει την τεχνολογία LOFIC, η οποία τον κάνει άκρως ανταγωνιστικό απέναντι στους διάσημους αισθητήρες 1 ίντσας της , the IMX989 and LYT-900. In addition, the Honor Magic6 Pro will also be equipped with the OV50H sensor that we have seen from Xiaomi's 14 series. What really got us excited is that the Honor Magic6 Pro will incorporate an innovative 160-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, something we're seeing for the first time on a mobile phone.

Honor is not satisfied with only excellent sensors, but goes a step further by adding variable aperture technology to its mobile phone. With the help of the front camera, the Honor Magic6 Pro will have 3D facial recognition technology -of-Flight (ToF). Την τεχνολογία αυτή την έχουμε δει και στο and it is true that it offers fast response and excellent security in face recognition. Digital Chat Station's previous claims about the Magic6 series are further confirmed, as it talks about a screen curved on all four sides, a circular camera module reminiscent of the Magic5 series and Huawei Mate X5.

It seems that Honor is slowly but surely trying to present more and more complete mobile phones, and something tells us that it will soon find the place it deserves in the market.


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