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Drillpro wall sander with slot for telescopic pole and dust bag for €83.6

today's power tool, it is not που θα πρέπει να έχεις οπωσδήποτε στη συλλογή σου, αλλά αν το χρειάζεσαι, θα σε γλιτώσει από πολλές ώρες.. τριψίος, και πολύ σκόνη στη μάπα.

The Drillpro wall sander it has a large comfortable handle and a friction disc 180 mm, to which you can stick the corresponding sandpapers, to sand walls and floors.

Peripherally above the disk you will find one LED strip which sheds light on the hard spots while in a photo it looks like you convert like a transformer to put a telescoping pole as well, but the truth is that from what I can see this is a completely different product, and they have confused the .

What the drillpro sander definitely has is the detachable handle on the side, and special tube, With the collection bag, which you can hook onto, and enable automatic dust collection during operation.

Turning on the vacuum cleaner, its motor collects 96% of dust from friction, which means you can scrub a wall without making the house summery, and without wearing astronaut masks and helmets, like you're trying to conquer the moon.

The sander has a rotary dial to adjust the speed , the on/off switch and a power trigger, which has and lock button, so that you don't have to hold it all the time if you work on it for a long time, and it saves you from hooking.

Although the motor 750w as we said it has a speed control, I doubt you can turn it so low that you can use it for polishing, since these are mainly made for sanding.

In the package, in addition to the sander, the handle, the tube and the bag, you will also find 6 sandpapers, to put it straight to work.

DrillPro's sander can be yours, with €83.6 from Banggood, which I honestly don't know if it's good or not, since I don't have much experience in the category. Based on my experience in sanding walls, however, I can say that I would easily pay €80 to save my little hands.

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