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Google passes AI torch to Samsung: One UI 6.1 may bring Pixel 8's AI wallpapers to Galaxy phones

Not long ago, Google launched the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, showing off several AI features, including the excellent ability to create personalized tof AI czars. Now, shifting gears to the Samsung camp, the upcoming update .1, χρησιμοποιεί τα coattails του 14, is set to introduce a number of new features and the spotlight seems to be on AI. As reported by 9to5Googleleaked images courtesy of @BennettBuhner at X reveal Samsung's adoption of Google's genetic AI wallpapers for its Galaxy phones in One UI 6.1.

Screenshots from One UI 6.1 spill the beans on creative AI wallpapers, similar to Google's approach. Users can choose a theme, accompanied by a prompt — for example, “pink sand.” Coincidentally (or not), the steps to create an AI wallpaper on a Galaxy phone mirror the steps in Pixel 8 series. Distinguishing between the two essentially depends on user interface preferences. Google comes with a full-screen preview, as opposed to Samsung's more compact display. In particular, the Pixel opts for an enthusiastic “Inspire Me”, while the Samsung leans towards a quirky “Surprise Me” button.

This feels less like a fluke and more like Google passing the AI ​​torch to Samsung. But that is not all; One UI 6.1 aims to jazz things up with weather effects on the lock screen, a slick editor similar to Google's Magic Editor (for relocating objects and expanding photos with AI), an “AutoFormat” for notes, and more.

One UI 6.1 could be the first act in Samsung's AI revolution. The upcoming Galaxy S24 series is set to offer a variety of AI features, including the goodies mentioned above, as well as live translation during calls. Samsung's recently introduced AI model Gauss is also set to debut in the Galaxy S24 series.

Expect One UI 6.1 to drop soon, likely gracing it Galaxy S24 series right from the start. And in case you missed it, additional leaks point to a battery saver feature built into One UI 6.1, ensuring your Galaxy handset stays primed and ready for action.



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