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Samsung is preparing to make foldable screens for Apple — what you need to know

Οι φήμες για το iPhone Flip, τους αναδιπλούμενους Mac και τα iPad μόλις πήραν το φως της δημοσιότητας καθώς η Display (ο κύριος συνεργάτης της Apple για οθόνες για τις της) έκανε ένα μεγάλο βήμα προετοιμάζοντας να βοηθήσει στην κατασκευή τους, ανά The Elect and its industrial sources.

Samsung Display has apparently just finished restructuring parts of the business to meet Apple's needs, with Samsung Display's Apple Business Team now trained to develop foldable displays designed specifically for its larger customers' devices, rather than selling them. off the shelf panel .

Η αναφορά επαναλαμβάνει επίσης τη φήμη ότι η LG Display εργάζεται επίσης σε για πτυσσόμενα Apple, όπως το φημολογούμενο αναδιπλούμενο MacBook 20,25 ιντσών. Leaker Revegnus Meanwhile, he adds that Apple's first foldable device could arrive in 2027, but that's likely to be this hybrid tablet/ instead of a foldable iPhone. It's also later than the 2024/2025 date we heard before.

Another tidbit from the report is that Samsung Display is also working on creating an "independent micro-display team for XR devices", (via machine translation) referring to AR, VR and spatial computing. With the Apple Vision Pro headset coming out next year and demand for already released products like the Meta Quest 3 growing, Samsung is wise to prepare for the growth of this market.

Helping his opponents flourish

It's always strange to think that while Samsung's mobile division and Apple are long-term rivals, other parts of Samsung's operation treat Apple and other competitors as customers. These screens often prove to be an advantage for the devices that use them, beating the competition in metrics like brightness and color accuracy.

Although Apple is late to the foldable party, its historical habit of ensuring its latest innovations are highly polished before launch, as well as its large and dedicated user base, should mean it has no problem to create a significant position in the market. Whether Apple's first foldable goes up against foldable phones like the OnePlus Open or Motorola Razr Plus, or foldable laptops like the Zenbook 17 Fold or the HP Specter Fold, Apple has a good chance of beating them completely, or at least in some key areas. . And as the world's leading foldable display maker, whatever its hardware, Samsung wins too.

However, with around three years to wait until Apple's first foldable, no one would blame you for looking for a literal and figurative flexible device right now. For help with this, check out our best flip phone page or check out our reviews listed above.

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