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Conquer the Waters with Zeblaze Swim: The Ultimate Smart Watch for this Summer!

Welcome to the world of advanced technology and ultimate flexibility with the Zeblaze Swim Smart Watch.

This excellent it has an impressive 1.69-inch Corning Gorilla Glass screen, which offers a clear and vivid image. With this wide screen, you can easily see all the information you need, from the time and date to your health details.

Now whatever it is square. Does not matter. We ignore it and move on since we can't have it all.

The Zeblaze Swim has a built-in GPS with 4 functions, which is ideal for swimming into a pool and open waters. This means you can track your swimming progress, record your workouts and improve your performance with precision.

Be dear Zeblaze not work for us and that this particular watch is really waterproof, even for a swimming pool (if you put it in the sea, rinse it with fresh water and hope it doesn't get damaged :P)

The Zeblaze Swim it also has health monitoring functions such as measuring heart rate and level u at (SpO2). These features allow you to monitor your health in real time, detect any abnormalities and take immediate measures to protect yourself.

The Zeblaze Swim it also has a battery 300mAh, which offers an autonomy of up to 15 days with standard functions and up to 56 hours with full GPS activation and heart rate monitoring.

This means you won't have to worry about charging your watch every day – just wear it and let it do its job.

In addition, the Zeblaze Swim is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.2 and above operating systems, and features technology 5.0 for fast and reliable connection. You can receive notifications for calls, messages and apps right on your watch, making it much more than just a watch.

Of course, apparently it does NOT support Greek, but and 100% sure. Zeblaze is her, something (magical) can do with some OTA to include them

The Zeblaze Swim is waterproof with protection 5ATM, making it ideal for all conditions, whether it's a day at the office or a workout in the pool.

And this COUNTS compared to other watches in this price category.

You will find it at Banggood with a price of up to €33,5 and it is excellent! Those of you who are baking, get ahead, since the black color already sold out and a (nice) white remains.

Coupon: BG419897

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